Episode 73

The Disappearance of Brianna Maitland

October 26, 2020   Tags: , ,
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Billy and Paul look into the mysterious disappearance of Brianna Maitland from Montgomery, Vermont. After leaving work on March 19, 2004, her car was found abandoned crashed into a barn. Upon learning she was missing, questions circled around a fight weeks earlier, local drug dealers and possibly human trafficking.   

Detective Sgt. Angela Baker with the Vermont State Police join Paul and Billy to clear up the rumors that have plagued the case for the last 16 years.   

The Disappearance:
On February 24th, 2004, Brianna was enjoying a party when she was confronted a young woman named Keallie Lacross. Keallie was a friend. Keallie thought Brianna was flirting with her boyfriend. Brianna tried to diffuse the situation by leaving the party with her boyfriend James Robitaille. 

She followed Brianna out to the parking lot. And there she proceeded to beat up Brianna. Brianna refused to fight back because of their friendship. After Keallie was done, Brianna left the party. A friend convinced her to go to the hospital the next day. She was treated for cuts, two black eyes, a broken nose and a concussion. She filed a criminal complaint against Keallie in the following days.

During the following weeks, Brianna continued to work her jobs and prepare for the GED. She hadn’t been moving between homes as much and had been staying with her friend Jillian. On March 19th, she took her GED.

After the test, she and her mom Kellie went out to celebrate. They then went shopping and ran errands. The two were waiting in line to pay at one of the stores when something distracted Brianna. Kellie wasn’t sure what had caught her daughter’s eye, but Brianna told her she would be right back.

According to Kellie, she met her daughter in the parking lot. Brianna looked visibly shaken. She quickly told her mom she had to go back home and get ready for work that night at the Black Lantern Inn. Kellie drove Brianna to Jillian’s in Sheldon between 3:30 and 4 PM. 

Brianna got ready for her shift. She left Jillian a note saying she was off to work. She left in her pale green 1985 four door Oldsmobile and headed to the Black Lantern Inn. 

Brianna didn’t make it home that night. Jillian assumed she went to stay with her parents. Three days went by and Jillian hadn’t heard from Brianna. Kellie and Brianna’s dad Bruce hadn’t seen their daughter since Kellie dropped her off at Jillian’s three days earlier. Kellie and Bruce reported Brianna missing.

The Car Accident:
After the report was filed, bells went off. Because police had a tip. They learned that on March 20th, law enforcement was called out to Route 118 in Montgomery. An oldsmobile was backed into the abandoned Dutchbarn house off the road. It appeared to be an accident. Several passersby had seen the car. One even stopped to take pictures of the strange placement of the car. 

Once law enforcement was on the scene they began to gather evidence, and there was plenty of it. Inside of the passenger seat were two of paychecks--uncashed. And they were made out to Brianna Maitland. On the passenger floor inside a styrofoam takeout container with a half eaten burrito. Also inside Brianna’s car was her medicine for migraines, her driver’s license, her contacts and most of her clothes. 

Next to the Dutchbarn house was a woman’s fleece jacket--that didn’t belong to Brianna. There was broken necklace on the ground outside the driver’s side door. It is unknown who the necklace belongs to. There was also loose change and a plastic water bottle.  

Law enforcement knew the registered owner of the car was Kellie Maitland. But upon finding Brianna’s checks they assumed she was the main driver. They visited her work and spoke with co-workers. The co-workers told police Brianna left between 11:30 PM and 12 AM after her shift. At this point, law enforcement thought the car had been abandoned. Just like Brianna’s friends and family, they had no idea Brianna was missing yet. 

Points of Interest:
A month after Brianna’s disappearance, an anonymous tip came in that Brianna was being held against her will. The Vermont State Police raided a home in Berkshire on Reservoir Road. Inside they found two drug dealers, drugs, but no sign of Brianna. 

The dealers--Ramon Ryans and Nathaniel Charles Jackson--knew Brianna. Nathaniel had seen her the week before she disappeared. They were arrested on drug charges and law enforcement hoped the thought of prison time would get them to share more than that information. 

Supposedly Ryans cut a deal with the prosecution. He would tell them what he knew about Brianna for a lighter sentence. Neither the public, nor Brianna’s family, were told what he offered, but he received 45 days which equated to time served.

As of now neither Ryans nor Jackson have been arrested in relation to Brianna’s disappearance. But Ryans choice to go to New York brings into question another theory. At the time of Brianna’s disappearance, women were being taken from Vermont to New York and placed into the sex trafficking underbelly. Although no direct evidence has surfaced to point this happened to Brianna.

In 2006 a woman on security video taken at Caesar’s World Casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey, strongly resembled Brianna. Vermont State Police made the drive to check it out. They were unable to identify the woman.

We are looking for any tips on Brianna’s case. She has not been found and no one has been arrested in connection with her disappearance. If you know something, no matter how small let us know. 

When Brianna disappeared she was 5’3” to 5’5” and between 105 to 118 pounds. She has brown hair and hazel eyes. Her left nostril is pierced and she was wearing either a small ring or stud in it. She has a faint scar from her left eyebrow to her forehead. Brianna also went by the nicknames Bri and B. She would be 34 years old now. 
If you have any information on any of this case, please contact us.   


1. Do not name names publicly. Send everything to the police or to this page and we will forward to the police. 
2. Do not post side by side photos.
3. Do not contact any family members. 
4. Do not doxx each other and be civil. We all want the same thing. 

As tips come in, Jensen and Holes will work to verify them. If they look good, we will publish them here to try and get us closer to their names.