Episode 120

Season 3 Finale: Updates

December 13, 2021   Tags: , , , , , , ,
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Since the beginning of the Murder Squad we’ve brought you into investigations of missing persons, fugitives, and unsolved murders and sexual assaults in hopes we can help to solve them. This year we're bringing you updates on Crystal Turner and Kylen Schulte, Josue Calderon, Katie Janness, Molly Miller, Colt Haynes, Alexis Sharkey and more.

Update on Kylen and Crystal's Murders:
38-year-old Crystal Turner and 24-year-old Kylen Schulte bonded over their love of the outdoors in Moab, Utah, in 2019. The two married in Arkansas on April 20, 2021. 

In August 2021, Kylen worked at Moonflower Cooperative–an organic grocery store in Moab. Crystal worked at McDonald’s.  It was at this McDonald’s the couple often parked their Econoline van. The two women often camped and lived at different campgrounds around the area. That was their plan the weekend of August 13th.

That weekend they were in the Arches National Park in the La Sal Mountains. On Friday, the 13th, they met up with friends at Woody’s Tavern. While they were having drinks, the women told their friends about a “creep staying next to them.” Kylen also added that if something happened to them, “they were murdered.”

Crystal and Kylen left Woody’s Tavern around 9:30 PM. No one followed them out of the bar. It was the last time the women were seen alive. They were reported missing. 

Since we covered the case, more information has been released. In October, a new search was issued for the Jimmy Keen Flats cell tower. Law enforcement was searching the time frame from August 13th at 9 PM to August 15th at 9 AM. The search was only for phones within a 2 miles radius of the crime scene. 

The findings of this cell dump have not been released. But according to ABC 4, the affidavit says the information is “evidence of the crime or crimes of murder, conspiracy to commit murder, tampering with evidence, sexual assault desecration of a corpse, rape.”

Currently law enforcement is hoping to check any visitors’ to the area dashcams. They are also checking satellite images to try and see if a car is recognizable. According to Kylen’s dad the women noted the amount of food and clothes he had–meaning they were in close proximity.

The Update on Josue Calderon's Murder:
33-year-old Josue Calderon was from Cumberland, Rhode Island. His family last saw him on October 5th, 2021, in Providence. 

At 1:15 PM on October 9th, a visitor to the Yadkin Valley Overlook  on the Blue Ridge Highway, just outside of Hickory, North Carolina discovered Josue’s body. 

It was clear Josue had been stabbed. But no one knew how he got to North Carolina from Rhode Island. Josue didn’t own a car. At the time the area was searched and the public was asked for any videos or pictures from the area on the 9th. 

The answer of how Josue got to North Carolina hasn’t been answered, but law enforcement think they know who was responsible. On November 5th–according to WPDE–two men were arrested for a September 25th shooting at Roque’s Cafe. The men–34-year-old Juan Rivera and 34-year-old Julio Castro were–charged in the killing of 38-year-Jorge Garcia. 

Garcia was eating breakfast at the cafe when he was murdered. Authorities believe Ho-Sway Calderon was involved in the shooting too. Because they believe he had something to do with Jorge Garcia’s murder, Castro and Rivera are currently being investigated for Josue’s murder. 

New Information on the Murder of Katie Janness:

40-year-old Katie Janness was a bartender in the Atlanta area and had been in a seven year relationship with her partner Emma Clark. The two had a three-year-old pitbull Bowie. 

On July 28th, 2021, Katie told Emma she was taking Bowie out for a walk. By 1 AM, Katie was still not home. Emma was worried and used an app to find Katie’s location. The app led her to the entrance of Piedmont Park off of 10th Street and Charles Allen Drive. The park was about a mile from Emma and Katie’s home. 

Just inside the gate, she saw Bowie. She first thought he was hit by a car, and yelled for Katie. She soon saw Katie 100 feet away.

Atlanta Police called the scene gruesome and “hard to stomach.” At the time law enforcement said they found DNA in Bowie’s hair. It led them to believe he was protecting Katie. At the time there was speculation that markings were present on Katie’s body. 

Authorities released stills of surveillance footage looking for witnesses. On the footage Katie and Bowie could last been seen on the crosswalk at 10th Street and Piedmont Avenue. A neighborhood canvass was also conducted. 

Since our coverage, Katie’s autopsy has been released. She was stabbed more than 50 times in the face, neck and torso. 15 of those wounds were to her head. Fox 5 Atlanta said the letter “F,” “A,” “T” were carved into her torso. 

Missing Molly and Colt Update:

On the night of July 7th, 2013, 17-year-old Molly Miller and 21-year-old Colt Haynes attended a house party. At some point that night the two ended up in a 2012 Honda Accord with James “Conn” Nipp. 

Nipp began a car chase with law enforcement by throwing rocks at the cars. It began in Carter County, Oklahoma. But Nipp–having relatives in law enforcement in neighboring Love County–quickly crossed the county line. The car went down Long Hollow Road and the chase was called off. 

Around 12:45 AM on July 8th, both Molly and Colt tried to call for help. Molly called 911. Colt called friends. Colt told his friends he was injured and down Long Hollow Road. But when the friends arrived to search, they only found Nipp–no sign of Colt or Molly. 

Earlier this season, we told you that Molly’s family officially had her declared dead. But since then, there has been movement on the case. According to KXII, an informant reached out to Molly’s cousin Paula in April. The person spoke with the FBI. After the conversation, the FBI opened an investigation in May. 

Then on November 30th, 2021, a search warrant was presented to a property thought to have ties to Molly and Colt’s disappearance. The warrant was denied because the judge didn’t think there was probable cause–it’s a missing person case and there’s no evidence of a crime.

The warrant was submitted by a private investigator. The goal is to excavate a creek bed not far from where they went missing. It is on tribal property. The owners agreed to the search if a warrant was procured. The property is the last location of Molly and Colt’s phone data. 

Paula told KXII, “It’s one little area that to be honest with you we were told it had been searched, but had not been searched. We were within 600 yards when we did the dig two to three years ago.”

According to the family’s facebook page, they are 80% confident the search will yield some answers. Love County Sheriff Marty Grisham has assured the community they continue to follow up on every lead and tip that comes in.

The Murder of Alexis Sharkey:
26-year-old Alexis Sharkey in Houston, Texas--an Executive Director for Monat hair products--was very active on social media. She was married to a man named Tom. But in the fall of 2020, Alexis had divorce papers drawn up. 

According to The Daily Beast, Alexis took a trip with friends to Marfa in October. On that trip she told friends Tom “had been putting hands on her.” He’d also sent her “really awful, nasty messages” throughout the trip. Ultimately, leading to Alexis telling the friend, “He strangles me and chokes me out and I blackout and wake up on the bathroom floor every single time.”

Other friends said Tom was physically abusive and controlling and manipulative. By November 2020, the two were separated despite still living in the same apartment. That month, Alexis often opted to spend more time with friends to avoid going home. 

After inactivity on her social media on Friday, November 27th, her husband Tom texted one of Alexis’ friends’ boyfriend John to see if they had heard from Alexis. John called Tom. Tom told him Alexis was missing.

The next day a discovery was made in the bushes off of Red Haw--a service road. Alexis’ body was near Katy Freeway and Eldridge Parkway–just a few miles from her home.

According to reports there was no sign of a struggle and no obvious cause of death. But she was found nude. Two months later the cause of death was released--strangulation. It’s believed Alexis’ body had been dumped the night before. KTRK reported that Alexis’ remains were clean, like she’d just stepped out of the tub. 

Most of Alexis’ friends and family believed Tom was responsible for Alexis’ death. He did give one interview. He told ABC 13 he was innocent. Tom said, “I don’t need to set the record straight. I’ll let it play out the way it is. I know what my life was with my wife.” He also told the news they didn’t have a fight. He just didn’t want her to drive intoxicated.

A few weeks after our episode, there was movement in the case. On the 29th of September, a warrant was issued for Tom’s arrest. Law enforcement said he was the only one with means, motive and opportunity. They noted Tom’s history of being evasive. But the month before, Tom had relocated from Houston to Georgia with family. 

Authorities told KHOU, “He came up with a very bizarre story later on about why he essentially disappeared and then a short time after that incident, he relocated to Florida.” That’s where a fugitive task force was able to track in down in the area of Fort Myers. 

On October 6th, US Marshals located his daughter's house. They knocked on the door. Tom’s daughter and her boyfriend came outside. Upon entering the home, the Marshals discovered Tom dead with a gunshot wound to the head. 

38-year-old Crystal Turner and 24-year-old Kylen Schulte were last seen at Woody’s Tavern having drinks with friends on August 13th, 2021. They left the tavern around 9:30 PM and weren’t seen alive again. Their bodies were discovered at their campsite on August 19th. Each woman was nude from the waist down and had been shot multiple times. Their killer or killers still remain unknown. 

40-year-old Katie Janess walked her pitbull Bowie on the night of July 28th, 2021, in Piedmont Park. When she wasn’t home by 1 AM, her partner Emma went to search. She discovered both Katie and Bowie stabbed multiple times and were found at the Tenth Street entrance of the park. 

17-year-old Molly Miller and 21-year-old Colt Haynes disappeared after a car chase down Long Hollow Road in Love County, Oklahoma. The two made phone calls to 911 and friends in the early morning hours of July 8th, 2013, before vanishing. Molly was 5’5” and 95 pounds at the time of her disappearance. She has blue eyes and jet black hair. Her bottom lip is pierced and has a star tattoo on her hip. Colt was 5’11”, between 180 to 190 pounds. He has brown hair and blue eyes.

If you have any information, please contact us.


1. Do not name names publicly. Send everything to the police or to this page and we will forward to the police. 
2. Do not post side by side photos.
3. Do not contact any family members. 
4. Do not doxx each other and be civil. We all want the same thing. 

As tips come in, Jensen and Holes will work to verify them. If they look good, we will publish them here to try and get us closer to their names.