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Missing Mary Johnson and Other Recent Cases

November 22, 2021   Tags: , , , , , ,
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Mary Johnson disappeared on her way to meet a friend at a church vanishes in Washington on December 1, 2020. Glenda Parton went to find her son Dwayne Selby and his partner Jack Grimes in Oklahoma on October 25, 2021 before she disappeared herself. An intruder attacked Travis and Jamilyn Juetten in their rural home in Oregon on August 13th, 2021. Grand Valley State University had one student mysteriously drown and another go missing within just weeks of each other. Josue Calderon was discovered killed 800 miles from home on the Blue Ridge Parkway. All of these recent cases need attention to hopefully be solved. 

The disappearance of Mary Johnson:
39-year-old Mary Johnson is a member of the Tulalip Tribes. After living with her sister Gerry in Sedro-Wooley, Washington, she and her husband moved 40 miles away to Marysville.
By late November 2020, Mary’s marriage was strained. She was mainly staying with friends. She would only come home to shower and grab her mail. 

On December 9th, Mary’s husband told her sister Gerry he hadn’t seen Mary in weeks. She hadn’t come by to pick up her tribal welfare check. Mary always came by the day it was delivered because it was for a large amount. But this time she never showed. 

Her husband prepared a pre-typed statement to report her missing to the tribal police. He told law enforcement the two usually talked every two days. They began to look into Mary’s cell phone records and people who had seen or spoken with her before the missing person report.

A timeline was established. On November 30th, Mary’s husband dropped her off at a friend's house on 140th Street Northwest. She had a suitcase with her. Mary had told the friend she was worried her husband was going to move out of state and take all their belongings with him. They tried to go to Tulalip Tribal Court to find out Mary’s options, but there were no attorneys available to speak with. 

Mary had made plans for the next day to take a trip 30 miles away to Oso. Her friend would give her a ride to a nearby church where another friend would give her a ride. But according to the Herald-Net, the plan hit a bump. Mary and another person were in the friend’s truck waiting to go to the church. The friend became angry because he thought Mary and the other person were being impatient. He decided not to give her a ride to the church. 

Around 1:30 PM, Mary and the other person began to walk east on Fire Trail Road toward the church. During that time, Mary’s ride arrived at the church but he couldn’t find Mary. The driver decided to go and look for Mary. He drove up Fire Trail Road. He saw Mary and the other person walking. The driver texted Mary and said he had too much stuff to fit both people in his truck. He told her he’d meet her at the church.

At 1:52 PM, Mary texted the driver, “I am almost to the church.”  She never made it. She also didn’t make it to Oso. She called the friends in Oso she was supposed to stay with--according to CNN, the voicemail was frantic, asking them to pick her up. At 2:30 PM, Mary called a woman. The woman was too busy to talk. 

At 3:30 PM, Mary’s cell phone showed her in the Oso area. There was no way she could have walked the 25 to 30 miles in that time. Law enforcement believed someone picked her up. At 8:50 PM, the phone was connected to a tower in the Marysville area. It went offline. That night it didn’t move and in the morning, it was officially turned off. 

Mysteries in Turley, Oklahoma:
59-year-old Dwayne Selby and his companion 76-year-old Jack Grimes have lived together on a farm for 18 years. The two had 14 horses and multiple dogs. They run a horse business with Dwayne’s mom, 80-year-old Glenda “Cookie” Parton. 

On October 22nd, 2021, Dwayne and Jack had plans to attend a horse show in Fort Worth, Texas. They were supposed to return to Turley on the 25th. Jack always called his family anytime he arrived at a show. This time they didn’t hear from him. 

The men were supposed to meet with a horse trainer at the show. When they didn’t connect with them, the trainer called Glenda. Glenda was told the men never arrived at the show. The next morning, Glenda called her older son and told him Dwayne and Jack were missing. 

Glenda received offers from family members to help in her search for the men. But the spry 80-year-old insisted on going alone. Around 8 PM, Glenda stopped at a Tulsa grocery store. She was seen on video talking to a man.

The man--one of Jack and Dwayne’s ranch hands--helped Glenda with her groceries. After that Glenda wasn’t seen. Her 2016 red Kia Rio was discovered on the side of Highway 75 near the 56th Street exit in Tulsa the next day. There was no sign of Glenda. 

A Silver Alert was issued in the area. That same day Silver Alerts were also broadcast for Dwayne and Jack.

Law enforcement began to look into the men’s disappearances as well as Glenda’s. Dwayne and Jack were on surveillance video at a restaurant in Purcell, Oklahoma. It was 35 minutes from Oklahoma City. 

Two days after the silver alerts, the police found the men’s car. It was in Mohawk Park, north of Tulsa. It had been backed into a parking place. The area was searched.

Just a few days later--on Halloween--a hunter discovered human remains in the woods at 2045 East 59th Place North. The area is less than a mile from Dwayne and Jack’s farm. The remains had been scattered by animals. But law enforcement was able to determine who they belonged to--Jack Grimes. Based on reports by NPR, authorities had also ruled Jack had been murdered without releasing the cause of death. 

Currently the Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office can’t rule out that Dwayne and Glenda have also been murdered. Vic Regalado told NBC News, “I’m not familiar with the horse business so I don’t know how rough it is or not. I know a lot of money goes through that and often when you’re dealing with a lot of money, things can happen.” Police continue to search for Glenda and Dwayne.

Just three days before Jack and Dwayne disappeared, another man in Turley also vanished. Turley, Oklahoma, has less than three thousand residents. So--while it’s unclear if this disappearance is related--it’s worth noting in relation to the other cases. 

On October 19th, Shannon Miller’s girlfriend left for work that morning. When she got home, her boyfriend was gone. His car was discovered on the 21st on the bridge over Bird Creek at 106th Street North. This is twelve miles from Glenda’s car.

Inside the car was Shannon’s phone. But his wallet and other belongings were in the water. The Cherokee man was officially reported missing on October 25th. His disappearance is being investigated by federal authorities.

Attack in the Juetten Home:

26-year-old Travis Juetten and 24-year-old Jamilyn met online and then got married in 2018. The young couple had planned a two week vacation to Hawaii in August of 2021. They had arranged for a pet sitter for their four cats and one dog during the trip. Because they were leaving early in the morning, they let the sitter spend the night in the guest room. 

They were supposed to leave their home on the morning of August 13th for the trip. The house was a farm near the intersection of Howell prairie Road NE and Hazelgreen Road NE, about 10 minutes from Salem, Oregon. 

At 3 AM an intruder entered their home. The attacker was masked when he came into their bedroom. The two were asleep. But Travis started to fight as soon as possible. Jailyn tried to help in the fight. Travis was stabbed to death. Jamilyn was stabbed 19 times. She suffered severed muscles in one hand, two fractured vertebrae, a fractured shoulder, fractured skull and nerve damage. 

After being transported to the hospital and treated for her injuries, Jamilyn survived. Law enforcement think the pet sitter may have made some noise in the other room that scared off the intruder.

Over a week later, law enforcement released information. The statement on social media said the attack was random. Many members of the community commented on the post believing a killer was on the loose.

One neighbor said they had a break-in on August 25th. It was on Cordon, near Travis and Jamilyn’s home. At 2 PM, the homeowner left the house. When they returned someone had broken into their shop and RV. Nothing was missing but it had been vandalized. 

There has been some chatter of a drifter in the area. According to some neighbors, a Latinx man had been spotted looking into windows of home. One person said the drifter had stolen a pocket knife from him. So far, police haven’t identified the killer or a potential motive.

The Grand Valley State Mysteries:
Grand Valley State University in Allendale, Michigan, has lost two students recently, one is still missing. 

18-year-old Taleah Lowe was a bright, outgoing young woman. She was afraid of water. She had been born with partial paralysis on her life side and couldn’t lift her arm above her chest. Because of this she couldn’t swim. 

But on October 14th, some of her friends spotted Taleah and another friend in the lake at Pere Marquette Park beach in Muskegon. The friend told ABC 13 she was able to save the other friend. For some reason she thought Taleah was swimming right behind her. 

At 10:45 PM, police were dispatched to the lake. The call said a swimmer was “struggling in the rip current.” Within hours, they were able to recover Taleah’s body. Initially law enforcement  said, “There is no information that suggests this was anything but a tragic drowning event caused by unsafe swimming conditions in Lake Michigan.”

Knowing Taleah, her family finds the whole incident suspicious. There is currently an open death investigation. But the authorities believe the autopsy will show it was an accident. 

Less than two hours after Taleah’s death, an unauthorized Go Fund Me was set up. The page was taken down, but news hadn’t really traveled of her death--which raises other questions.

Just over two weeks later another potential mystery would strike Grand Valley State University again. 18-year-old freshman Brendan Santo was visiting friends at Michigan State University. Just before midnight on October 29th, he was seen leaving Yakeley Hall. 

Friends thought he was walking to the Brody Neighborhood. It was only a half mile walk so he left his car parked. Wherever he was going, he never made it. After he was reported missing, searches have been conducted by helicopter, drone and boat searches. 

The area in which Brendan went missing is near the Red Cedar River. Divers have been sent into the river. But searchers have said it’s difficult without knowing if or where Brendan may have entered the river. 

Law enforcement has looked into Brendan’s phone and GPS. He hasn’t had any activity since disappearing that night. The phone itself has not been located. Police have also viewed surveillance video but haven’t released it or any details on it. Currently they don’t think Brendan was involved in foul play, but they also do not believe he harmed himself.

The Murder of Josue Calderon:
33-year-old Josue Calderon was from Cumberland, Rhode Island. He was the father of two children. According to WLNE, he was last seen by his family on October 5th in Providence. 

Four days later his body was discovered on the Blue Ridge Highway outside of Hickory, North Carolina. At 1:15 PM a visitor at the Yadkin Valley Overlook saw Josue’s body in the ravine.  The area is a very popular spot and is very busy during that time of year. Many visitors travel to see the leaves change colors. People are present at all times of the day--sunrise to sunset. 

When his body was recovered, it was clear he had been stabbed. But outside of that, not much information has been released. No one knows how or why Josue got 800 miles from home. He didn’t own a car. 

Four different law enforcement agencies are involved in the investigation--Watauga County Sheriff’s Office, National Park Service, the FBI and the state agency. Currently, they want to talk to anyone who may have video or pictures of the area on October 9th. Law enforcement has said there is nothing that suggests there is a threat to the public. 

Mary Johnson was on her way to meet a friend at a church on Fire Trail Road in Marysville, Washington, on December 1st, 2020. She hasn’t been seen or heard from since that day. 39-year-old Mary was 5’6”, 115 pounds when she disappeared. She has black hair and brown eyes. 

80-year-old Glenda “Cookie” Parton was worried about her son Dwayne Selby and his companion Jack Grimes when they didn’t show up to a horse show on October 24th, 2021. She went to go search for them. Jack’s remains were recovered on East 59th Place North in Turley, Oklahoma. Glenda and Dwayne’s whereabouts are unknown. 

A masked intruder entered the home of Travis and Jamilyn Juetten at 3 AM on August 13th. The attacker stabbed Travis to death and left Jamilyn injured with 19 stab wounds. It is unknown if anything was taken from the home.

Grand Valley State University freshman Taleah Lowe mysteriously drowned in Lake Michigan on October 14th. She did not swim and was afraid of the water. Her family thinks it unlikely it was an accident. Authorities seem certain the autopsy will show that it was. 

That same month Grand Valley State University freshman Brendan Santo vanished while visiting friends at Michigan State University. Brendan left Yakeley Hall just before midnight on October 29th. Brendan is 5’10”, 160 pounds. He was wearing gray sweatpants, a black baseball hat and white Converse high-tops. 

Josue Calderon was last seen by his family on October 5th in Providence, Rhode Island. Five days later his body was discovered stabbed on the Blue Ridge Parkway. It is unknown how he ended up 800 miles from home. 

If you have any information on these cases, please contact us.


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