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December 14, 2020   Tags: , , , ,
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This week Paul and Billy look into three separate missing person cases sent to us by Squaderinos. Susan Osborne and her son Evan disappeared from Holtville, Alabama in May of 2017. Dulce Alavez was abducted from Bridgeton, NJ on September 16, 2019. Gina Bos vanished from Lincoln, Nebraska in October 2000. Each case still has family, friends and the community searching. 

The Disappearance of Susan Osborne and Evan Chartrand:
42-year-old Susan Osborne lived in Holtville, Alabama with her second husband Jerry Osborne. She had two children from previous relationships. Susan shared custody of her children with her two exes. 

Susan and Jerry's relationship seemed to be going well until the winter of 2016. Jerry disappeared for a weekend. He called Susan and said he was being chased and then hung up. When Susan couldn’t reach him, she called and reported him missing. Jerry turned up a few days later and said he just needed a weekend off and had been in Montgomery. Susan had warning bells go off.

She began looking into just who she married. She came across ads Jerry had placed when he lived in Colorado before they were married in 2011. She forwarded the information to her best friend Hollie in two emails. One was screenshots of Jerry talking to other men. The second was an ad from an escort page called The ad read: “Hi, guys! My name is Jay. And I’m looking for older generous gentlemen to spend some quality time with...Your satisfaction is guaranteed every time. Your sexy boy toy is waiting!”

Susan was sure it was Jerry. One picture had a bow on his backside and Susan could see ht tattoos. The tattoos matched and the cell phone number was the same. After the discovery Susan quit sleeping with Jerry. This change in behavior brought on a confrontation between the two. Susan began to develop a plan and started looking for a job. She told Hollie she needed to escape.

In May 2017, Hollie and her now husband were leaving Alabama to go to Florida with the Coast Guard. Hollie saw Susan in person for the last time on May 16th. Susan told her she no longer needed to escape. She and Jerry were going to work it out. 

Memorial Day weekend Susan’s daughter was staying with her dad. So it left 14-year-old Evan and his mom at the house with Jerry. Hollie and Susan spoke on the phone on May 28th. Then on May 29th, they texted back and forth. Nothing unusual or critical.

On May 30th, Hollie sent a text that just said “Hey, how are you?” No response came. At first she thought her friend may have dropped or lost her phone. But when Susan hadn’t responded for a few days, Hollie tried again. And again was met by silence. So she began calling and texting both Susan and Evan’s phone. There was no answer. And after a few weeks, the calls and texts didn’t go through at all because the phones had been disconnected.

In July, Susan's family reached out to Hollie. No one had seen or heard from she and Evan since Memorial Day. They reported the two missing. Elmore County Sheriffs went to the Osborne residence. Jerry said Susan and Evan were picked up by a mystery man on May 29th. Meanwhile, he was remodeling and cleaning the house. 

The Elmore Sheriff's Office obtained a search warrant for the home. Jerry had installed new floors, so they had to rely on luminol and decomp dogs. The living room and dining room came together at an angle towards the back door. One part of the floor not remodeled? The tile in front of the back door. Both the decomp dogs and luminol flagged this area. 

The potential crime scene photos haven’t been released, but detectives let Susan’s family in Michigan look at the photos. According to Susan’s family the luminol painted a gruesome picture of what may have taken place inside the home. The tiles showed about a 3 foot circle. Across the new floor there was no sign, but behind the entertainment system across the room, blood was on the trim of the wall. 

Evidence of blood was also found in the bathroom, laundry room, bath tub, Jerry’s truck and a rag. According to Susan’s family the amount of blood on the rag made the room light up. Law enforcement took samples, hoping they would be able to get DNA back.

The tests confirmed it was human blood but DNA wasn't able to be pulled. Despite the evidence of foul play, there has still been no sign of Susan and Evan.

Dulce Alavez Disappearance:
On September 16, 2019, a five-year-old little girl went to get ice cream with her mom, brother and another child relative. The group was seen on surveillance cameras at the ice cream shop at 4 PM. After getting ice cream 19-year-old mother Noema Alavez took the children to the nearby Bridgeton City Park, which is roughly a 1000 acres of land. Five-year-old Dulce and her three-year-old brother ran to play, while her mom and the other child stayed in the car.

Around 4:20 PM, Noema looked up and realized she could no longer see her two young children because a hill was blocking her view. She and the other child left the car to look for them. They found Dulce’s little brother very upset, but no Dulce. Someone at the park told Noema Dulce was taken. Noema called her brother and told him to walk to the park with the dog to see if he saw Dulce. Then she called 911.

The following day, the FBI and community had joined in the search. An Amber Alert went out for Dulce and it included a possible suspect. According to the alert, she had been led away from the playground to a red van with a sliding door and tinted windows. The person who took her to the car was described as a light skinned, possibly hispanic male. He was 5 foot 6 wearing orange sneakers, red pants and a black shirt. 

September 19th, her family pleaded on TV for Dulce’s safe return. A reward had been gathered totalling $20,000. In the coming days, the award continued to grow. And law enforcement made a plea to the public for anyone with pictures or video taken in the area that day to come forward. The hope was maybe someone unknowingly had caught Dulce and her abductor in the background. 

Law enforcement began to gather possible abductors. They look into Dulce’s father. According to Noema there were custody issues regarding Dulce. But her father is located in Mexico. Officers speak with him. He hasn’t been ruled out officially, but reports say he was in college in Mexico on the day of the disappearance. 

In 2002, law enforcement investigated a tip that claimed Morgan was buried on property in Booneville, Arkansas. There was no sign of Morgan. 

Authorities continue to talk to other witnesses in the area. Based on some of those conversations, they release a sketch of another possible witness to Dulce’s disappearance. The details for this “witness” are a little different than the Amber Alert. He is described as hispanic between 5 foot 7, roughly 30-35 years old. He was last seen wearing a white t-shirt, blue jeans and a white baseball style hat. 

Law enforcement is still actively looking for Ducle. Based on street cameras from the area, there were roughly 400 vehicles near the park at that time. So far law enforcement has been able to clear about 80% of those vehicles. But that still leaves nearly a 100 vehicles not yet identified. 

FBI Agent Daniel Garrabrant says investigators believe the abductor knew the area and most likely had a reason to be at the park that day. While they believe the sketch and description from the Amber Alert could be accurate, they also want people to be aware of someone who may have started acting differently around this time. The offender may have changed their appearance, not shown up for work. 

Even now, over a year later, law enforcement still gets several tips a week on the case. The current working theory is that Dulce is no longer in Bridgeton. The FBI wants the entire country to be on alert.  

The Disappearance of Gina Bos:
Just a month shy of her 41st birthday, singer Regina “Gina” Bos often attended open mic night at Duggan’s Pub on 11th and K Street in Lincoln, Nebraska. On the evening of October 16th, 2000, that’s just what Gina did. She was supposed to go that night with her boyfriend Michael, but he had changed his mind so they made different plans. According to friends, Gina was going to pick him up from his place and then go home to her three children when the evening was done.

Around 10 PM at Duggan’s Pub Gina finished her set. Her ex-husband Dave had gone to the pub. The two chatted about life, and then Dave left around 10:30 PM alone. Gina stayed and hung out with the other performers until closing time. Around 1 AM Gina walked out to her car with her guitar and sheet music in hand. She was only going to drive about 10 blocks to pick up Michael. 

But when Michael woke up in the middle of the night, Gina hadn’t come by. Initially he thought he would just talk to her in the morning. After a few hours though, Michael decided to page Gina. Only problem was, Gina had left her pager at home. The sound woke up her children, who quickly realized their mom wasn’t home. 

They called their dad and their mom’s parents. Michael called the police at 6:38 AM and reported Gina missing. Later that day Michael went up to the pub to see if anyone knew where Gina was. But when he arrived he spotted her Saturn parked across the street. The trunk was slightly ajar. 

Inside the trunk was Gina’s guitar and sheet music. But no sign of Gina. Law enforcement immediately began searching on foot with cadaver dogs for Gina. It was clear something had gone wrong that night. They talked to everyone in Gina’s life. Those at the bar, at her new job at FedEx Kinko’s, and her two ex-husbands. No one knew where Gina was.

However the searches gave no clue as to where Gina was. The family hired a private investigator. 20 years later law enforcement says they still receive tips. Even though Gina’s case is considered a missing person case Detective Greg Sorensen of the Lincoln Police Department told Dateline the case is being investigated as a homicide. But the most interesting quote Detective Sorensen gave was this one: “We don’t have enough probable cause to arrest someone. But do I know who killed her? Yes.”

The only thing these three cases have in common are that they were sent in by Squaderinos for us to look into and raise awareness about. So we are asking if you have any information on any of the cases, please contact us.

Susan Osborne and Evan Chartrand haven’t been seen or heard from since May 29th, 2017. They were last seen in Holtville, Alabama. Susan was 42 and Evan was 14 when they disappeared. Susan was 5’3” and 120 pounds. She is white with brown hair and blue eyes. Her ears are pierced and she goes by the name Susie. Evan was 5’7” and 160 pounds. Evan has brown hair and blue eyes. He has a medical condition that requires prescription medication. 

Dulce Alavez was 5-years-old when she was abducted from Bridgeton, New Jersey. She has black hair and brown eyes. She was 3’5” and 40 pounds at the time. She was wearing a yellow shirt with a picture of an elephant, black and white pants and white shoes.

Regina “Gina” Bos was 40 years old when she vanished from Lincoln, Nebraska. At the time she was 5’6” and 105 pounds. She had auburn hair and brown eyes. She has freckles and a tattoo of a yellow rose on her back. Her ears are pierced multiple times. She may be wearing glasses with wire-frames or contacts. When she disappeared she was wearing a short-sleeved black shirt, fitted black pants, and ankle black boots.   


1. Do not name names publicly. Send everything to the police or to this page and we will forward to the police. 
2. Do not post side by side photos.
3. Do not contact any family members. 
4. Do not doxx each other and be civil. We all want the same thing. 

As tips come in, Jensen and Holes will work to verify them. If they look good, we will publish them here to try and get us closer to their names.