Episode 46

Can I Take Your Picture? Part 4

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In the conclusion of our four part series "Can I Take Your Picture? Serial Killers with Cameras," Billy and Paul give you updates on two of the photographer killers from season one--William Bradford and Joseph Naso. 
William Bradford:
Since the premiere of Jensen and Holes: The Murder Squad, we've been able to positively identify the woman in photo 58. We are not reposting the photo or giving her name out. She was an ex-girlfriend of Bradford who is alive. The woman saw Billy and Paul on the Dr. Oz show and wrote directly to the Murder Squad. She does not wish to be identified.    

We also received very solid tips on photos 43 and 46. We haven't been able to confirm the identities yet but have sent them to law enforcement. Below are these photos and a little more information that we think belongs to the women in the photos.   
Based on the information we have received the woman in photo 43 could possibly be from Riverside, California. She may have worked at the Department of Public Social Services for the county. The woman in 46 we believe to be currently in the Port Orchard, Washington area. We ask that you continue to share these photos but specifically if you are in these areas.  
Updated Timeline for William Bradford:

-Born in Pleasanton, California May 18, 1946
-During the 1950’s and 1960’s he lived with his grandparents on Moore Street in the Mar Vista area 
- In April of 1974 he joined the US Army
-In September of 1976 his son is born in Los Angeles
-Sometime after the birth of his son he was in Norfolk, VA
-In 1977, Bradford moves to Michigan to follow a woman
-In 1978, he returns to his grandparents’ home in Mar Vista, California
-1979, he finds his biological mother in New Orleans and at least temporarily relocates there
-In the summer of 1980, he lives in Niceville, Florida. There he meets and lives with a couple. Once the couple breaks up, he continues to live there with the woman until he assaults her. She refused to press charges, he leaves. 
-In 1980 and 1981 he lives with his brother Gretna, Louisiana. He then spends time in jail in Louisiana until March 1982.
-In March 1982 he spent a week in Indianapolis
-The summer of 1982 he returns to Southern California and lives in a trailer park in Marina del Rey. 
-In the fall of 1983 he spent time in the Los Angeles County Jail pending multiple rape charges
-In August 1984, he’s arrested for the final time. 

Joseph Naso:
After our episode on Joseph Naso dropped last year, we received an email from a person who was a penpal of Naso's. The person was tasked with cleaning out his belongings after law enforcement searched and seized items. Cleaning up Naso's belongings uncovered a few items that law enforcement had not seen before. 

Possible Naso Victims Based on Your Tips:

On Naso's Top Ten List one entry was "The Girl from Miami Near Down Peninsula." One tip that stood out for this entry was Beverli Elaine Darnell. Beverli was from Maryland but was last seen in Miami in the spring or summer 1983. When Beverli disappeared she was 5’6” to 5’7” and 135 pounds. She had blonde hair and brown eyes. Her ears are pierced, she wore a size 9 shoe. While she had an overbite, her teeth were in good condition with only one or two fillings. 

In the photos we released last year, some possible identities came in for those as well. For the girl with in the pink bikini, a listener found a likeness to Linda Ann Miller via The Doe Network. Miller went missing from San Rafael, CA on July 1, 1973. At the time she was 19 years old and was 5’4” and 112 pounds. She had brown hair and brown eyes.

The second possible identification was for the blond with her feet in the house plant. A listener also using The Doe Network found a likeness to a 21-year-old Rebecca Jean Dunn. She went missing from Las Vegas in April of 1979. She had traveled to and from San Diego with at least one female friend. Her friend said they were active sex workers at the time of Rebecca’s disappearance. She was last seen in the company of two unknown men—one possibly her procurer. At the time Rebecca disappeared she was 5’8” and 150 pounds. She had blonde hair and green eyes. Rebecca had a noticeable bump on the bridge of her nose. 

The final possible id is for that of the woman in the pink tank top. The possible match is out of Orange County, California. 19-year-old Anna Marie Anderson was last seen at her home on December 5, 1983. When she was last seen at home she was wearing a white coat, white shirt, jeans, black suede shoes, an 18-inch gold chain necklace, diamond stud earrings and a gold-colored metal watch.Anna was 5’5” and 110 pounds. She had blonde hair and green eyes. Her gallbladder had been removed and her abdomen had a six inch scar due to the surgery. Anna also had two tattoos: a black cross tattoo on her hand between her thumb and forefinger and the initials HDVO on the outside of her left ankle.

More Possible Victims of Joseph Naso:

Alcala Update:
Since our first episode on The Dating Game Killer Rodney Alcala, we have received one identification. We received information that the woman on the left is Andrea Feldman. Unfortunately we cannot ask her about her experience with Alcala because according to her friend she took her own life.  

Horace Van Vaultz:
A month ago now, Burbank Police released have released 19 photos from an accused killer’s collection. The photos were found this past fall when 64-year-old Horace Van Vaultz was arrested for the 1986 murder of Mary Duggan and the 1981 Selena Keough.

Mary’s body discovered in the trunk of her car parked near the 5 freeway in Burbank. Selena was tied up, strangled and sexually assaulted before her body was dumped in Montclair.

Based on his photos he has a type: young, Caucasian blond or light brown hair. WE will be posting the pictures to our socials and websites in hopes of helping the Burbank Police Department identify these women—some who may have fallen prey to Horace Van Vaultz. 

Murder Squad, thank you so much for all the tips that have come in over the past year. We are still looking for information on the above cases--especially the new photos from Joseph Naso's collection and those of Van Vaultz.  If you have any additional information on these cases, please contact us.   


1. Do not name names publicly. Send everything to the police or to this page and we will forward to the police. 
2. Do not post side by side photos. 
3. Do not contact any family members. 
4. Do not doxx each other and be civil. We all want the same thing. 

As tips come in, Jensen and Holes will work to verify them. If they look good, we will publish them here to try and get us closer to their names.