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Are the Lewis Clark Valley Cases Connected?

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A series of five cases in the Lewis Clark Valley began with a 12-year-old girl going missing. After that a 22-year-old woman was killed, two stepsisters were then murdered and a 35-year-old man disappeared. The cases vary in MO but there is a person of interest that could be connected to all five. It has left authorities and the community to wonder if the same person is responsible. 

The Disappearance of Christina White:
In April 1979, 12-year-old Christina White lived with her mom Betty and stepdad Mick in Asotin, Washington. The area was a part of the metropolitan region known as Lewiston-Clarkston or the Lewis Clark Valley.

Christina was excited to go to the Asotin County Fair. The fair came every year towards the end of April. On Saturday, the 28th, Christina attended the parade that marked the opening of the fair with her mom and little sister. After the parade was over, the family went to Christina’s friend Rose house on 2nd Street. 

Christina had her bike with her--it was a white ten-speed with a basket in front. She was supposed to go to the fair with Rose to help her with her horse, and then ride her bike home. Betty watched her daughter enter Rose’s house before she and Christina’s sister went home. Rose lived with her mom and her mom’s boyfriend. 

The two girls went to the fair. Around 2:30 PM or so Christina began to not feel well. She thought it was a heat stroke because it was something she’d experienced before. She went back to Rose’s house and called her mom. 

Betty told her she couldn’t come pick her up right then. She encouraged her daughter to put a wet towel on her neck and rest. After she felt a little better, she would call her mom  again, so she could watch her daughter the last two blocks of a seven block walk home.

Christina didn’t call back. Initially, Betty thought her daughter must have gone back to the fair. Betty went to the fair later that afternoon to pick her up--Christina wasn’t there. 

But no one believed she ran away. It wasn’t something she would do. That night, Rose’s mom’s boyfriend offered to help the police search. He told the officers he had gotten Christina a wet towel when she came home from the fair not feeling well. But he hadn’t seen her since she left the house.

Investigators began to look into people who interacted with Christina before she disappeared. The boyfriend who lived with Rose was of interest. He lived with Rose and her mom, but he owned another house. The house was vacant at the time. And it was located between Rose’s house and Christina’s house.

Law enforcement continued to look into Rose’s mom’s boyfriend. Based on his work records, he wasn’t at work the day Christina disappeared. The vacant house he owned had an unfinished basement. Later concrete was poured on the floor. 

Asotin Sheriff’s brought in cadaver dogs and ground penetrating radar in hopes of finding Christina. There was a suspicious area in the basement noted by the radar. But after the dig, nothing was found. 

The Murder of Kristin David:
22-year-old University of Idaho senior Kristin David disappeared. Kristin called her mom Sally on June 25, 1981. She said she was going to ride her bike from Moscow to Lewiston the next day. Her plan was to leave around 10 or 11 in the morning. Kristin assured Sally she’d be home for work.

At 6 PM on June 26th, Kristin’s work called her sister. She hadn’t shown up. The family immediately went to the police. Kristin would never not show up to where she was supposed to be. Law enforcement wasn’t worried. 

But Kristin’s family knew better. They started their search that evening. They walked the roads Kristin could have taken on the 30 plus mile bike ride. The family searched in ditches and empty buildings on the paths. There was no sign of Kristin or her  bike. 

On June 25th, Farmer James Archibald was on US Highway 95. He saw a brown van with Oregon plates. It was parked on the side of the road. A man got out of the van and walked to the back of the vehicle. On the ground behind the van was a woman with blonde hair. She had a bike with her and the back wheel was still spinning. 

Archibald said it looked like the guy “drove up right beside her and drove right into the side of her and pancaked her and kicked her, knocked her over there, and she just absolutely was not moving when I went by.” He said the man was smiling as he was walking. 

Archibald called the paramedics when he got home. When the paramedics arrived on the scene, there was no van, no man, no bike and no woman. 

Law enforcement tried to track down the van. Archibald did give a description of the man for a sketch. He was 25-35 years old. He was under six feet and around 150 pounds. Even with the sketch and van details the lead led nowhere. 

On July 4th, the search for Kristin ended. A man was fishing on the Snake River when he saw a trash bag floating in the water. He fished it out and opened it. Inside was a headless human torso and leg. Both wrapped in newspaper. 

He looked for more bags. 75 yards downstream, the same man found another bag with other remains. It was late in the evening when the fisherman called the police. Law enforcement came out the next day because it was already dark when the report came in. 

Three more bags were located. Each contained body parts--a dismembered head, arms and part of a leg. All were wrapped “tightly” in newspaper. The bags were found in a six mile section of the Snake River, a half mile west of Chief Timothy State Park. 

The Murders of Kristina Nelson and Brandy Miller and the Disappearance of Steven Pearsall:
21-year-old Kristina Nelson and her stepsister 18-year-old Brandy Miller were both attending Lewis Clark State College. Kristina had worked at the Lewiston Civic Theatre and Brandy participated in many of the functions there. 

On September 12th, 1982 Brandy and Kristina were planning on going to the grocery store and to do laundry. Kristina talked to her boyfriend around 8:30 PM. Then the two left him a note before they headed out.

The young women didn’t return home.  The next day Kristina’s boyfriend reported them missing to law enforcement in Lewiston.

Within just a few hours of the missing person reports of Kristina and Brandy, another missing person report was filed. This time for 35-year-old Steven Pearsall. He was the janitor at the Lewiston Civic Theatre. 

Steven was friends with Kristina and Brandy. He was like a big brother to them. He also spent a lot of time at the theater, even when he wasn’t working. It was a place of solitude and peace for the former US Air Force corporal.

On the 12th, Steven had gone to a party with his girlfriend. Around midnight his girlfriend dropped him off at the theater. He was planning to practice his clarinet. She watched Steven enter the theater. So did an officer who was on patrol in the area.  

The initial thought of law enforcement was that Steven must have something to do with Kristina and Brandy’s disappearance and then fled. Law enforcement thoroughly searched the theater. There was no sign of a struggle, but Steven’s clarinet was still inside. 

But after detectives talked to Steven’s friends, the theory that he was involved didn’t seem to hold up. He wasn’t violent. Plus, Steven had left his car. It was parked at his friend’s house. And when they searched his apartment, police found one uncashed paycheck. 

It became increasingly clear that Steven didn’t leave by choice.

Police did uncover another employee present at the theater the night of the 12th. And guess what. It was the same man police suspected in Christina White’s case in Washington.

According to his first interview with police, he arrived at the theater around 6 PM. Steven arrived around 7:30 that evening to work, and then left right around 9 PM. Around 10 PM the man went to Red Baron for a few beers. He then went to the movies and watched The Fog. 

After the movie was over he returned to the theater around 11 PM. He claimed he did some work once he got there. He said, “Can’t remember if I did much on the stage, but I needed to do some rigging. So I went up in the loft, up in the attic up there. I took a fall.” Apparently he’d fallen through the plaster.

After that he felt like he needed to rest. So in his words, “I went back downstairs and uh lay down on the couch and stretched out. I had a medium case of the shakes. I just laid there and dozed off.”

The police asked him if he heard or saw anyone after that. He said he heard the phone ring but didn’t answer it. They specifically asked him about Steven, “No. I have no, uh, no notion that he even came into the building as far as I know.”

On March 19, 1984, a teen in Kendrick, Idaho stumbled upon skeletonized remains. They were down an embankment near mile marker 14 on Highway 3. The remains were badly decomposed. There was clothing and personal items found with them. Also nearby were cords similar to a clothesline. The skeletonized bodies belonged to Kristina Nelson and Brandy Miller.

Then on March 22, 1984, Lewiston brought the man back in. The detective told him they’d found Kristina and Brandy’s remains. His reply? “I guess I’m in a heap of trouble.” 

His story changed this time. Now he said he got to the theater at 3:30 PM or so. Steven still showed up between 7 and 7:30 PM and left around 9 PM. But the man’s trip to Red Baron was now at 9 PM instead of 10 PM. 

There was no direct evidence to tie him to the case, much like Christina White’s. The case went cold with no sign of Kristina Nelson, Brandy or Steven.

12-year-old Christina White disappeared on April 28, 1979. She was last known to be at a friend's house on 2nd Street in Asotin around 2:30 PM. She was 5’4”, 135 pounds. She was wearing blue jeans, red leather sneakers and a tan and pink striped shirt. Her ears were double pierced. She has brown hair and hazel eyes. She would be 54 now. 

22-year-old Kristin David was abducted and murdered on either June 25th or 26th, 1981, most likely somewhere along US Highway 95 between Moscow and Lewiston, Idaho. Her remains were recovered on July 4th. She’d been dismembered. The remains were in five trash bags, wrapped in newspapers. Her case remains unsolved.

21-year-old Kristina Nelson and 18-year-old Brandy Miller disappeared on September 12th, 1982. The girls had left a note they were going to Safeway and to do laundry at a friend’s in Lewiston. Their remains were discovered in March 1984 near Kendrick, Idaho off Highway 3. The case has never been solved. 

35-year-old Steven Pearsall disappeared on the same day in Lewiston. He was last seen entering the Lewiston Civic Theater around midnight. He was 5’11”, 160 pounds. He has brown hair and brown yes. There is a scar on his left calf and a scar on his left arm. He was wearing a beige velour long-sleeved pullover sweater with horizontal stripes, beige ski jackets and beige pants. He had a blue cloth duffle bag with him. He would be 72 years old now.

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