Episode 75

Who Killed Rebekah Gould, Part 2

November 9, 2020   Tags: ,
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Billy and Paul continue their look into the unsolved murder of Rebekah Gould from September 2004 in Melbourne, Arkansas. This week they are joined by Faculty member of Forensics and Criminal Justice at American Military University Jen Bucholtz to question the timeline reported in Rebekah's disappearance and murder. 

Also included in the conversation are journalist George Jared and Rebekah's father Dr. Larry Gould.  

Eyewitness Reports:
We still don’t know many--or really any--of Rebekah’s movements from the weekend, even sixteen years later. However, reports originally seemed to outline Rebekah’s whereabouts that Monday morning. A worker at Sonic said they saw Rebekah drop off Casey at 8 AM. Then an attendant at the Possum Trot gas station said they saw her come in after that to buy a breakfast sandwich and coffee. At one point it was even said the Possum Trot had video of Rebekah. And these reports are where we first start to question the timeline of Rebekah’s murder today.

Journalist and author George Jared interviewed both of these witnesses again. The carhop at Sonic said she saw Rebekah's car. She was adamant that she didn't see Rebekah herself, just the car.

The Possum Trot attendant told George she wasn't sure if she saw Rebekah Sunday or Monday. And the cameras? They've never worked and are just for show. So the original timeline for Rebekah's disappearance and murder are completely thrown with the clarification of these two witnesses. 

The Discovery:
Rebekah's body was found a week after she went missing. Each day that week was in the mid-80's, and her body was badly decomposed when it was discovered. 

The body was located down an embankment off of Route 9 just a few miles from the house she had been staying. The placement of her body led most people to report that she’d rolled down the embankment, which meant the only way to get from Ester Fisher Road to the location was driving through town. 

But upon Jen Bucholtz visiting the area, she was able to locate another possible route. One that only a local would know. Near the trailer was a small dirt road that led directly to the disposal location. Also based on surveying the area, it's likely the body was placed and not rolled down the embankment. 

Because of the state of Rebekah's remains, time of death is hard to discern. According to Paul and Jen the window could be much wider--12 to 48 hours, if the eyewitnesses' statements are no longer accurate. 

Autopsy Findings:
Paul and Jen discussed the locations and severity of Rebekah's injuries. Jen Bucholtz conducted several reenactments to test possibilities of the size of the offender as well as murder weapons. 

Through her testing, she feels she ruled out the one female person of possibility often mentioned in the media. According to her research, Jennifer Turner is not big enough nor physically capable of the injuries. Her testing didn't rule out any of the men in Rebekah's circle. 

Jen Bucholtz did several tests on possible murder weapons. She looked into a baseball bat--it seemed unlikely. She tested a tire checker. This item was brought to her attention by the affidavit that alleges Casey McCullough confessed to Rebekah's murder. In Jen's professional opinion, the tire checker could match the injuries.

Paul did not entirely agree. Because of the decomposition, it's hard to say conclusively how many times Rebekah was struck. Also, since no soft tissue was present, forensically it is difficult to say what the exact murder weapon is.   

Other Points of Interest:
It was often reported the reason someone drove Casey to work that Monday was because he shared a car with his dad. But Jen has been able to track down a vehicle registered to Casey’s dad at the time. From 2000 to November 2004, a 1988 maroon Ford Aerostar van was registered to him. Then the van ceases to exist at that point--no sale record, no record of it being crushed, nothing. But a new car was purchased in November.

In October of 2018, Chris Cantrell visited the home of Rebekah’s ex-boyfriend Justin’s home. According to the events reported, it was to confront Justin about making statements to authorities about Chris. 

These statements implied Chris had something to do with Rebekah’s murder. The confrontation devolved in Chris threatening to kill Justin. Chris was charged with residential burglary, intimidating a witness, terroristic threatening, interference with emergency communication, and being a habitual offender. He sits in prison now.

We want justice for Rebekah. We’ve mentioned possible persons of interest. We want to be clear--they are NO suspects or persons of interests named by law enforcement.  But specifically we want to track down this 1988 maroon Ford Aerostar van. It may have nothing to do with Rebekah’s murder, but it could be a key piece of evidence. 

Aside from information on Rebekah’s murder herself, we need to know Rebekah’s movements for that weekend. She may have gone to a car repair shop on Saturday and a grocery store Sunday afternoon. If we can get a concrete timeline of her movements for the weekend, we can potentially firm up the possible timeline of her death. If you know anything, please contact us.   


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4. Do not doxx each other and be civil. We all want the same thing. 

As tips come in, Jensen and Holes will work to verify them. If they look good, we will publish them here to try and get us closer to their names.