Episode 65

Who Killed Nanette Krentel?

August 31, 2020   Tags: , , ,
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Billy and Paul look into the unsolved 2017 murder of Nanette Krentel out of Lacombe, Louisiana. The offender tried to cover up her murder with a fire that burnt down a 3,000 square foot home in rural Louisiana. It's a case with fingers pointed all of the community but still no justice has been seen. 

The Day of Nanette's Murder:
49-year-old retired pre-kindergarten teacher Nanette Krentel felt safe at her rural home in Lacombe, Louisiana, about 50 miles northeast of New Orleans. The house sat on 100 acres. It was equipped with nine surveillance cameras. And between her and her fire chief husband Steve of 22 years, there were over 30 guns on the property.

On Friday, July 14th, 2017, Nanette and Steve’s day started as usual. She made his lunch and walked him outside around 7:45 AM. Then she drove away in her Mercedes and bought breakfast at a local McDonald’s.

She arrived back home at 9:11 AM. At 10:03 AM, Nanette called Kmart to refill a prescription. Then at 1:30 PM she placed a call from her cell phone. After that, there was no outside contact from the residence. Around 2:30 that afternoon, a 911 call was placed to report a fire. A neighbor’s child was out riding their bike when they saw flames coming from the house. The fire department rushed to the house on Philip Smith Road.

Once there, the department began to put out the engulfing flames that would reduce the entire house to ash. They searched for Nanette. Most of them knew her and her husband Steve, who had arrived on scene with his unit District 12.

Nanette’s remains were discovered in the master bedroom.  Her body was on the floor, lying face up. She was burned beyond recognition. The family’s dog and two cats were also killed in the fire. The dog, a chihuahua named Harley, was next to Nanette.
As the fire investigators made their way through the home, it became clear the fire was intentionally set. The living room--where the couple’s digital recorder for the nine surveillance cameras was located--had been doused with accelerant. The master bedroom where Nanette’s body was discovered also had signs of accelerant. This left investigators to conclude there were at the very least two points of origin for the fire. It was ruled arson.

But there was some dispute on the cause of death. The St. Tammany Parish Sheriff's Office originally thought the case to be suicide. The coroner did not agree. There were no signs of soot in Nanette’s lungs. A bullet wound was found above Nanette’s right temple, there was no exit wound. It left the small caliber bullet inside the body of evidence. The coroner ruled Nanette’s death a homicide.

Where Investigators Looked:

At the end of June she sent her father an email. The email contained an image of a mysterious person on the property. The email was captioned with “This was the day I got out to get the mail and looked up and this man was walking towards me. He just looks creepy!”

Nanette told her father she felt like she was being followed. According to The Advocate she had found a knife and cigarette butts on the property. Those items proved to Nanette that someone had been on her property.

They also looked into her husband Steve. The two had marital problems, including an affair Steve had. But according to Steve, he and Nanette had worked through it. Her family says she wanted to leave. Steve had an airtight alibi at work when Nanette was killed.

They also looked at Nanette's stepson and brother-in-law. But again, both had airtight alibis. Currently the case remains unsolved with no declared persons of interest.

This case has many persons of interest--most cleared by law enforcement. Tensions are still running high in the community. But regardless of anyone’s own self interest, Nanette Krentel deserves justice. As of today no one has been charged with her murder.  If you have any information about this case or personal details about Nanette that could help to develop a link to someone in her life not yet identified, please contact us.   


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As tips come in, Jensen and Holes will work to verify them. If they look good, we will publish them here to try and get us closer to their names.