Episode 111

Where Are the Springfield Three?

October 11, 2021   Tags: , ,
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This week Billy and Paul look into the disappearances of Sherrill Levitt, Suzie Streeter and Stacy McCall--also known as the Springfield Three. The three women vanished from the home on East Delmar Street in Springfield, Missouri, on June 7th, 1992.  

The Night Before the Disappearance:
June 6th, 1992 started off as planned. The girls graduated and the ceremony ended at 6 PM. Stacy’s mom Janis took pictures of her new graduate. Janis was hoping to have a bigger celebration that night but Stacy told her about her plans with Suzie and Janelle. Janis gave in. 

Suzie and her mom Sherrill went home. They ate pizza and just hung out before Suzie went to meet her friends. The cake Sherrill had planned would have to wait for the next day. Suzie left the house at 8 PM and went to Janelle’s house in Battlefield. Stacy arrived at Janelle’s at 8:30 PM. The three went next door to their first party. 

Around 10:30 PM, Stacy called her mom to check-in and to tell her their change in plan. They would now spend the night at Janelle’s and go to Branson in the morning.  Janis asked that she would call before going to the water park in the morning. After the call, the young women went to their next party. This one was on East Hanover Street in Springfield. 

At 1:40 AM, police showed up at the party. They had received a noise complaint. Janelle, Stacy and Suzie went back to Janelle’s house. The plan was to sleep there, but when Suzie and Stacy realized they would be sleeping on the floor, they opted to go back to Suzie’s house. Her mom had just gotten her a king-size waterbed. 

At 2 AM, Janelle’s mother overheard the new plan. Stacy was going to follow Suzie to her house. The two would return in the morning to pick up Janelle. It was a fifteen minute drive or so to Suzie’s house. 

But Suzie and Stacy didn’t show up in the morning. Janelle called Suzie’s house at 8 AM to see what time they were coming. There was no answer. She left a message.

Discovery of the Missing:
There was no sign or word from her friends for several hours, so Janelle decided to go over to Suzie’s around 12:30 PM. Her boyfriend Mike Henson went with her. When they pulled up, all three of the women’s cars were there--Sherrill’s Corsica, Suzie’s Escort and Stacy’s Corolla. 

Janelle got out of her car and started to walk up to the house. There was broken glass on the front steps. The porch lamp was on, but the globe that went around it had been busted. Wanting to be helpful, Mike swept up the glass and put it in the trash.

Meanwhile, Janelle looked in the windows when no one came to the door. According to the Springfield News-Leader, Janelle said everything looked normal. She went to the backyard and again noticed nothing unusual. 

Janelle went back to the door. It was unlocked. After cracking the door, Suzie’s yorkie Cinnamon went crazy. She jumped into Janelle’s arms. Janelle yelled for Suzie and Stacy. No one answered. 

The house looked in order. Suzie’s room was a mess, but that was in character. However, all three women’s purses were stacked in front of the bedroom door. Janelle also saw Suzie and Sherrill’s cigarettes. Both women were chainsmokers and wouldn’t have left them behind. 

Still looking for any sign or a note from her friends, the phone rang. Janelle answered it. A man immediately started making sexual innuendos. She hung up. The mysterious man called again. Again, Janelle hung up.

Stacy's mom and one of her sisters went over to Suzie’s house. They were going to get Stacy’s belongings--purse and car--and take them home. Janis thought it would teach her a lesson. 

Inside the house, Janis saw the answering machine light blinking. She decided to play it. She described the call as “strange.” Unfortunately the message didn’t save. Janis continued to look around the house. Things weren’t making sense to her. The purses and car keys were all there. Inside Sherrill’s purse was $900. 

Also left behind were Stacy’s clothes and her migraine medication. She never went anywhere without that medicine. While Janis was still looking around, other friends and family began showing up. 

One of those friends told Ozarks First that Suzie’s car wasn’t parked right. She always parked in the same spot under the carport. But that day it was in the circular driveway, probably because Sherrill’s car was in the carport.

The Investigation:

People were still at the home when the Springfield Police arrived. Janelle and Mike had come back after their afternoon at the waterpark. Janelle’s shorts were still wet from her bathing suit. The police looked through the house. There was no sign of struggle. But it did appear the missing women had been abducted because everything had been left behind. 

It also looked like the women had all gone to bed the night before. Washcloths were damp with makeup on them. Jewelry was left in the bathroom. The beds were all unmade. Stacy’s clothes--flowered shorts, jewelry in the pockets--were folded on her sandals next to the bed. 

In Suzie’s bedroom, her television was still on. Also two slats in the blinds were separated. It looked like someone had tried to look outside. But nothing really stood out. Retired Springfield Police Captain Tony Gleen told the Springfield News-Leader, “The only thing unusual about this house was that three women were missing from it. You had this feeling as you looked around that something was missing, that something had to be missing. But there wasn’t. Just them.”

Officially, a missing persons report was filed for all three. Springfield Police asked Janis for Stacy’s dental records. Flyers were made. They left a note on the door of Sherrill’s house. The officers wrote, “When you get in, please call and cancel the missing persons report.”

The disappearance was reported on June 8th by the media. All other cases were pushed back so law enforcement could focus on the three missing women. The police obtained a search warrant for Sherrill’s house. 

They re-entered the home to process it. There was no hair, blood, DNA, fingerprints. The glass from the broken lamp had been thrown out. And they had 18 people who had been at the scene before the police were ever called. 

Searches were conducted on the southwest of town. Fields, wooded areas and streams were all scoured. They looked for the women on horseback, in the air and with boats. Some volunteers even dug up anthills thinking they could be fresh graves. There was no sign.

47-year-old Sherrill Levitt, 19-year-old Suzie Streeter and 18-year-old Stacy McCall were last seen on June 7th, 1992. The teenagers had returned to Sherrill’s home on Delmar Street in Springfield, Missouri, around 2:15 AM. 

Sherrill is five feet, 110 pounds. She has brown eyes, short bleached-blonde, curly hair. She has freckles on her neck and upper chest. She was last seen in a floral print dress.

Suzie is 5’2” and 102 pounds. She has brown eyes, straight bleached-blonde, shoulder length hair. Both of her ears are pierced, with two piercings in the left ear. She has a scar on her right forearm and a tumor on the the left corner of her mouth. She has a birthmark on the right side of her chin and right arm. She was last seen in a white t-shirt, blue jeans and pink shoes. 

Stacy is 5’3” and 120 pounds. She has blue eyes, dark blonde hair down to the middle of her back. She has a cleft chin, freckles on her face. She was last seen wearing a yellow shirt, flowered bikini underwear, and brown sandals.

There is currently a $42,000 reward for information in the case. You can call the Springfield Police Department or please contact us.


1. Do not name names publicly. Send everything to the police or to this page and we will forward to the police. 
2. Do not post side by side photos.
3. Do not contact any family members. 
4. Do not doxx each other and be civil. We all want the same thing. 

As tips come in, Jensen and Holes will work to verify them. If they look good, we will publish them here to try and get us closer to their names.