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Unsolved Recent Cases

August 16, 2021   Tags: , , , , ,
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This week Billy and Paul cover recent unsolved cases. Katie Janess and her dog were killed in Piedmont Park in Atlanta. Tori Lang's body was discovered in Yellow River Park. Mat George was killed by a hit and run driver in Los Angeles. Fatima Johnson's daughters discovered their mother murdered in Los Angeles. 

The Murder of Katie Janess:
On July 28th, 40-year-old Katie Janess stopped by her long-time girlfriend Emma Clark’s work and said she was going to take their dog for a walk. Katie and Emma had been together for seven years and Bowie--their three-year-old pitbull--was their loyal companion. 

Katie lived about a mile from Piedmont Park in Atlanta. The park is about 2 miles from downtown. It runs between Tenth Street and Piedmont Avenue. Katie had many different routes she would take on her walks with Bowie, but Piedmont Park was one of them.

When Katie didn’t arrive home, Emma tracked her location using an app. It took her to Piedmont Park. Around 1 AM, she made her way there. First she saw Bowie at the entrance located at Tenth Street and Charles Allen Drive.

Emma told 11Alive about seeing Bowie first, saying “He was maybe 50 feet from the gate on the inside. I just ran and I grabbed him because I didn’t know, maybe he was still alive. Obviously, I knew something was wrong because he was just laying there. I didn’t put two and two together because I didn’t notice her right away.”

Roughly a 100 feet away was Katie. Emma felt for a pulse but couldn’t find one. She ran out of the park and called the police. When the Atlanta Police Department arrived on scene they searched the park. They went door to door in the neighborhood and to businesses to ask for surveillance video. 

The scene itself was described as “hard to stomach” and “gruesome.” 

Both Katie and her dog Bowie had been stabbed multiple times. According to one WSB-TV reporter, there was a marking on Katie. Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms said the murder was unlike anything the city had seen in a long time. Chief Rodney Bryant went on to say the attack was “outside the norm of what we would typically see. This was so unique that I felt that we needed to collaborate with as many resources as we can.” 

There were nine cameras working in the park that night.  Katie was last seen crossing a pathway that was painted rainbow colors for Pride at the intersection of Tenth Street and Piedmont Avenue. 

And just last week the Atlanta Police released pictures of people who were in the park at the time. The pictures and video featured six people. Currently, none of these people are thought to be suspects. 

The Murder of Tori Lang:
18-year-old Tori “Kiwi” Lang graduated from Stephenson High School in 2020. She was planning to study architectural engineering in college. Tori spent time with her parents Torrey and Teresa on the evening of July 27th. She went out that night. 

When she didn’t return home by the morning, her parents reported her missing. At the same time, a walker was out in Yellow River Park in Gwinnett County--about 20 miles from Piedmont Park in Atlanta. The walker discovered Tori’s body under a tree. What wasn’t at the park was Tori’s 2012 Nissan Versa she’d been driving. 

The autopsy showed Tori had been shot. According to her father, the single shot was directly to her temple. 

A week later--on August 4th--Tori’s car was discovered five miles from Yellow River Park. It had been burned and hidden in a wooded area of the Hidden Acres Nature Preserve near Stephenson Middle School. According to reports, the car was pushed or rolled into the woods. Police haven’t named any suspects at this time. They did say they do not believe it was a robbery. 

Her father feels that this was an act to cover up evidence. According to 11Alive’s interview with him, he feels Tori’s killer is someone she knew. 

The Murder of Mat George:
26-year-old Mat George was the co-host of the podcast “She Rates Dogs.” Mat gave his thoughts on dating and pop culture on the podcast. According to the New York Times, he also spoke about his identity as a gay man. According to his co-host Michaela Okland, Mat wanted the LGBTQ community to feel accepted. 

The Arizona State grad moved to Los Angeles last year. Mat was in the Beverly Grove area of Los Angeles on July 17th. At roughly 2:20 AM, Mat walked southbound on Croft Avenue in an unmarked crosswalk. At that time, a white BMW was driving eastbound on Beverly Boulevard. The car hit Mat. And kept driving. 

Mat’s body traveled eastbound and collided with the street. The paramedics arrived shortly after. He was pronounced dead at the scene. 

The Murder of Fatima Johnson:
53-year-old Fatima Johnson had lost her mother to COVID-19 earlier this year. She and her sister Shalonda were planning their mother’s memorial service for July 3rd. Shalonda tried calling Fatima on July 2nd, but she didn’t answer.  

One of Fatima’s six children called their aunt Shalonda that day as well. They wanted to know if she had heard from their mom. According to Fatima’s daughter, she had called and texted with no reply. Her mom also hadn’t gone to work at the retirement home.

On July 3rd, Fatima didn’t show up to her mother’s memorial celebration. That evening two of her daughter’s went to her home on the 7600 block of South Western Avenue. The home is located in the neighborhood of Manchester Square in South Los Angeles. 

Inside they discovered their mother. She was wrapped in a sheet. She had duct tape over her mouth. The offender had used wire to bind her hands. Her daughters cut her loose and called 911. 

There were no obvious signs of trauma. Police haven’t released a cause of death. But Fatima’s daughters told ABC7 they believed their mom was strangled.

Items were missing from Fatima’s home--Her jewelry and phone. And her 2008 silver Lexus. LAPD said they were going through the neighborhood surveillance footage to help try and locate her car. As of now, it hasn’t been located. 

Three days after her body was discovered, ABC7 reported that investigators were looking into Fatima’s boyfriend. According to one of her daughters, he’d just been released from prison six months ago after completing a 25-year sentence for murder. She said, “We took it upon ourselves to start popping up on my mother and checking in on her to make sure she was all right. We didn’t feel comfortable with her relationship.”

Desheena Kyle Missing:
June 25th was aspiring fashion designer Desheena Kyle’s 26th birthday. But no one could reach her. Her family last spoke and saw her on June 18th. Friends say they spoke to her on June 23rd. But when no phone calls were answered for her birthday, her family went to check on her on June 28th. 

They arrived at her apartment on Wilson Road. She’d only been there a few months. Desheena had plans to open a boutique and had been traveling to meet with other designers. 

But when her family arrived at the apartment, her car was where it had been the week before. Her dog was in her apartment, but Desheena wasn’t. Her aunt Rita Faye Turner told WBIR that “her dog was like her child. She would have never left her dog alone like that.”

Her family reported her missing. Desheena’s family told law enforcement about her ex-boyfriend John Bassett. They said she was being stalked. And more than that, Bassett had been charged with domestic assault once involving Desheena. 

In July of 2014, Desheena was at John’s house. The two were fighting. John came from behind her and began hitting her on the side of the face and her forehead. Desheena was able to leave. She went to her apartment. 

As she pulled up, so didn John. Desheena locked her car and John began banging on her window. He even threw rocks into the window. The glass broke and caused abrasions on her thighs. Desheena managed to get out of her car and call 911. John took the phone and threw it. Then he left. 

He was arrested, but in December of 2014, a judge dismissed the charges. But this history and the fact no one had heard from Desheena, made law enforcement put out a public alert on July 2nd. The alert said, “This investigation stems from some of the domestic incidents we were made aware of. We can say that we believe there may be foul play but we just don’t know to what degree.”

Four days later, police added, “there is very strong reason to believe that Desheena is in danger and has likely been harmed.” They did not elaborate, stating it is an open investigation. 

A day after the last announcement--July 7th--officers from the Knoxville Police Department including crisis negotiators and SWAT served a warrant for John’s arrest. But not in relation to Desheena’s disappearance.

A warrant was issued in relation to violating his probation for possessing cocaine with the intent to distribute. Bassett was taken into custody without incident. 

Currently five different units including major crimes are working Desheena Kyle’s case. But she hasn’t been located. She is black, with black hair and brown eyes. She is 5’3” and 130 pounds. 

Rachel Hazen Missing:
41-year-old Rachel Lynn Hazen had visited one of her sons in the Nashville, Michigan area on July 21st. She then headed to her home on Thornapple Lake Road in Castleton Township. A neighbor saw her there around 2 PM.

The next several days, family and friends tried to reach Rachel.  But all her calls go directly to voicemail. And she hadn’t returned any text. Her phone last pinged the last day anyone saw Rachel. It was in the Ionia area--about 30 miles away. 

With still no answer from Rachel, a friend reported her missing on July 26th. Her car is also gone. The 2005 silver Ford Escape doesn't have license plates. She had three skull decals on the back of the car. 

Police have currently said they don’t know if there is any foul play involved. But her sons and friends have said it is extremely unlike her to not return calls. 

Rachel is described as 5’3”, 190 pounds. She had blonde hair and “big blue eyes.” She has a tattoo of a rainbow and three stars on her wrist. Her ears and tongue are pierced. She has a scar on her left collar bone and one on her knee. 

We covered a lot today. All of the cases are recent, which unfortunately means we don’t have a ton of information. 

40-year-old Katie Janess walked her pitbull Bowie on the night of July 28th, 2021, in Piedmont Park. When she wasn’t home by 1 AM, her partner Emma went to search. She discovered both Katie and Bowie stabbed multiple times at the of the Tenth Street entrance of the park. 

18-year-old Tori Lang was discovered shot in Yellow River Park in Gwinnett County, Georgia. Her car--a 2012 Nissan Versa--wasn’t discovered until a week later. It was burned and pushed into the woods five miles away. 

Desheena Kyle was last seen on June 18th, 2021 in the Knoxville area. Friends say they last spoke to her on June 23rd. Her car, belongings and dog were left behind. Police believe she is in danger. She is 5’3” and 130 pounds. Desheena is black with black hair and brown eyes. 

Mat George was the victim of a hit and run on July 17th at 2:20 AM. He was hit by a white BMW on Beverly Boulevard in the Beverly Glen area of Los Angeles. 

Fatima Johnson was discovered by her daughters on the evening of July 3rd. Her killer had bound and gagged her with tape. She was wrapped in a sheet. The offender stole her jewelry, phone and silver 2008 Lexus. 

And our final case today is that of Rachel Hazen. Rachel was last seen at her home on Thornapple Lake Road in Castleton Township on July 21st. Her phone pinged that day about 30 miles away in Ionia, Michigan. She is described as 5’3”, 190 pounds. She had blonde hair and “big blue eyes.” She has a tattoo of a rainbow and three stars on her wrist. Her ears and tongue are pierced. She has a scar on her left collar bone and one on her knee. 

If you have any information on this case, please contact us.


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