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The Lovers’ Lane Unsolved Murders

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Billy and Paul look into the unsolved murders of Cheryl Henry and Andy Atkinson from August 1990. The two went on a double date before parking at a local lovers' lane in the Houston area. Before and after the murders, the area saw a trend of missing women. Could they all be related?

Cheryl and Andy's Murder:
During the summer of 1990, 22-year-old Cheryl Henry met 21-year-old Andy Atkinson through friends at Yucatan Liquor. Andy was home for the summer from Stephen F. Austin State University and the two started dating. On August 22, 1990, the two, who had been dating now for around two weeks, had planned a double date with Cheryl’s younger sister Shane. 
Each couple went their separate ways to continue the night. Shane said she kissed her sister goodnight and told her “I love you” around 11:30 PM. It was what they always did. But when Shane woke up in the morning, Cheryl still wasn’t home. And over at Andy’s house, he also hadn’t returned home. Both families contacted the police.

A search was conducted for the couple and for the car they were in--Andy’s white Honda civic. In the early evening of August 23rd, Houston police located Andy’s car after a guard--who was doing a sweep of an industrial area-- called it in. It was parked in an isolated cul de sac on Enclave Road, an area often used as a Lovers’ Lane. 

When police approached the car, it was clear something awful had happened. The windows were rolled down. The key was still in the ignition. The seats were laid back and a cassette was in the dash. On the floorboard of the passenger side was a woman’s shoes and purse. But most chillingly, there were fresh signs of blood in the car.

Just before midnight, the dogs led police to an area roughly 200 yards from Andy’s car. A golf club and three golf balls seemed to have been purposefully placed, pointing to pieces of a rotting cedar fence on the ground. Police looked under the pieces of fence, and found the body of Cheryl. She was face down. Her clothes had been cut off and tossed near her remains. Her hands were bound behind her back with hemp rope. She had been sexually assaulted and her throat was slashed with three gashes. Near her body was also a twenty dollar bill.

The search continued for Andy. The next morning, about 100 yards from Cheryl’s body in the tree line, authorities discovered Andy’s body. He was fully clothed with his back against a tree and his hands bound, like Cheryl’s. And like Cheryl, his throat had also been slashed. But the slash was so deep he was nearly decapitated. His watch and money were still on his person, ruling out the possibility of robbery as the primary motive.

Missing Women Around the Same Time:
32-year-old Della Marie Hillard seemed to vanish in thin air. At 8:30 PM on May 4,1988, she called a friend to tell them she was going to bed. The next day her boyfriend came by her apartment. She wasn’t there. Her windows were open, but that wasn’t unusual. That was until he found out she hadn’t gone to work. Marie’s boyfriend then reported her missing.

On May 5th, authorities located Marie’s car at an apartment complex on Dunlap Street, a mile from her home. The car had been rummaged through. Her purse was missing and there was blood on the back and side of the car. The blood led law enforcement to believe Marie was missing due to foul play. Marie hasn’t been seen since.

Two days before her 19th birthday, Stephanie Michele Buehler ended up with a flat tire as she drove to her Houston home. In need of assistance, Michelle pulled her car over at Westheimer and Beltway 8, not far from Bayou Mama’s club. She was only half a mile away from home and is believed to have tried to walk back. But someplace between her car and her house, she disappeared.

Stephanie Michelle Buehler disappeared. She was 5’7” and 140 pounds. She was last seen wearing a black shirt, black pants and a black belt. Stephanie is white, with brown hair and brown/green eyes. Michelle has four tattoos. On her upper left arm she has the word “taxi” with a red and black heart, a musical note and a zigzag. On her right shoulder is the phrase “Wicked Innocence” with a long haired skull. On her left breast is a skull smoking cigarette. And on the back of her right shoulder she has a red rose with a spiderweb. She would be 49 now.

21-year-old Lorraine Light went grocery shopping in Spring, Texas. She shared an apartment with her sister Cynthia. Cynthia returned home at 3 AM. Groceries were on the floor and the thanksgiving turkey was defrosting in the sink, but Lorraine was nowhere in the home. 

Cynthia noticed a light on the answering machine and listened to the message. The person on the machine claimed to be Lorraine, but her sister doesn’t believe it was her. The imposter said she met a guy and was going to Mexico for a few days. She referred to her sister “Cindy.” It was a name Lorraine never used for her Cynthia. She also knew her sister would never leave and be gone for a holiday. When Lorraine still didn’t show up for Thanksgiving dinner two days later, Cynthia reported her missing.

Again law enforcement suspects foul play in her disappearance. Six years after Lorraine went missing, her boyfriend’s dad, while at a club one night, allegedly said she would never be found.  But there have been no arrests and Lorraine remains missing 31 years later.

The next is Lorraine Light. Lorraine was 5’3” and 105 pounds when she went missing. She was white with blonde hair and hazel eyes. Her ears are pierced and she has some discoloration on her left leg. She would be 52 now and was last seen on November 23, 1989. 

23-year-old Tara Breckenridge finished her shift as a waitress at The Men’s Club around 1 AM on August 4th, 1992. It was a little earlier than when her shift usually ended but it was a slow night, and the manager sent a few servers home early.

At 2:30 AM, just 90 minutes after she left work, her red 1986 Pontiac Fiero was discovered locked and parked on the West Loop North  at 12th Street. At first glance the car showed no signs of disturbance. The flashers weren’t on, Tara’s mace canister was still inside the car. But the vehicle was missing it’s alternator belt. 

Tara’s boyfriend and she had been having problems. She had told friends and family she was planning on leaving him. Since she worked until at least 2 AM normally, her boyfriend was playing pool most of the night at a local pool hall. Although according to witnesses, he did leave the pool hall for about 90 minutes beginning at 1:45 AM. When he got home at 5 AM, he was worried to find Tara not home. He actually reported her missing. He maintains his innocence and Tara has yet to be located.

On August 4, 1992 Tara Breckenridge disappeared. At the time she was 5’5” and 110 pounds. She was wearing a white colored shirt, blue shorts, sandals and a Del Rio High School Class of 1991 ring. She is white with brown hair and eyes. She has scars under the left side of her lower lip, left side of her body and under her left arm. She wears contact lenses or glasses. Tara usually had her fingernails long and red. Her ears are pierced. She would be 51 years old now.

Almost a year later, the trend of missing women in the Houston area continued. On the morning of November 12, 1993, 34-year-old Jane McDonald-Crone left her home in Magnolia, Texas to head to her job in Houston. She worked her entire shift at Baker-Hughes Tool Co. But that evening Jane didn’t go home after work. Her husband reported her missing

Two days later, Jane was spotted out at some country western clubs. She was wearing dark jeans, a light colored blouse with long sleeves, and white sneakers. Witnesses say they saw her dancing with a man around 1 AM on the 14th. But no one could identify or really describe the man she was with. 

Two days after that, Jane’s 1982 blue Ford Mustang was found in Montgomery County, just a couple miles from her home. The car had been reported by a work crew a few days earlier. When authorities arrived on the 16th, nothing seemed out of place. Jane’s purse and id weren’t in the car. The only items left behind were her textbooks for classes. The odd circumstances behind the case lead the FBI to believe Jane was kidnapped. In 2017, they did a large push to try and get information about her case.
She was last seen on November 14, 1993. She was 5’11” and 140 pounds when she disappeared. Jane was last seen wearing a long-sleeved light blue shirt, dark colored jeans and white tennis shoes. She is white with brown hair and green eyes. She has pierced ears. Jane would now be 61 years old.

If you have any information on any of these women or Cheryl and Andy’s murders, please contact us. If you are from the area or your family is, talk with them about these cases. There may be small details they remember that could be important. 
If you have any information on any of these cases, please contact us.   


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