Episode 17

The Charles Manson Family: More Murders?

July 22, 2019   Tags: , , , ,
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The Manson Family Murders:
In April 1967, Charles Manson moved to sunny Southern California. He would meet the first of his followers that very month. The cult would later consist of roughly 100 followers at any given time.

On August 9, 1969, four of the Manson Family followers--Tex Watson, Susan Atkins, Linda Kasabian, and Patricia Krenwinkel--were ordered by Charles Manson to go to a home on Cielo Drive in Los Angeles. There the followers murdered the people present--Sharon Tate, Abigail Folger, Wojciech Frykowski and Jay Sebring. They also murdered 18-year-old Steve Parent who had been visiting the home's caretaker.

The next night--August 10th--Manson went out with his followers and picked a different home, this time on Waverly Drive. The house belonged to Leno and Rosemary LaBianca. Manson was present for the binding of the couple and then left. Manson instructed the same followers plus two more, Leslie Van Houten and Steve "Clem" Grogan, to murder the LaBiancas.

In December 1969, Manson and his followers were indicted for the murders. Linda Kasabian received immunity for her testimony. Juries in 1971 convicted Manson of seven counts of first degree murder and conspiracy to commit murder. His followers were also convicted.

Charles Manson died on November 19, 2017 of natural causes while serving his nine life sentences.

Possible Other Murders:

Marina Habe: 17-year-old Marina Habe was home from college in December 1968. She was last seen alive in her West Hollywood driveway after a night out with friends. Her mother reported hearing a car pull up and someone yelling, "Let's go." Marina's body was recovered on January 1, 1969 down a ravine off of Mulholland Drive. She had been stabbed multiple times in the neck, chest, and back.

Reet Jurvetson: 19-year-old Reet Jurvetson's body was discovered by a teenage birdwatcher on November 16th, 1969. Her body was also recovered off of Mulholland Drive roughly a mile and half from where Marina Habe's body was discovered. Reet had been stabbed 157 times. 

At the time her body was discovered, Reet could not be identified. She was known as Jane Doe 59 or sometimes "Sherry" Doe. This remained the case until Detective Cliff Shepard asked for help from Michelle McNamara. Michelle posted details about the then Jane Doe on her blog True Crime Diary. A family friend saw the post and the details on NAMUS. Reet was formally identified in 2016.

Doreen Gaul and James Sharp: The bodies of 19-year-old Doreen and 15-year-old James were discovered on November 21st, 1969 in an alley between Arapahoe Street and Magnolia Ave. They had both been stabbed over 50 times and beaten. It is believed the two were killed somewhere else before being dumped in the alley. Manson Family follower Bruce Davis was questioned by authorities in this case. 

We are looking for any information about the four unsolved murders that happened in the same time frame as the Manson Murders. If you have any information, please contact us.

In regard to the Reet Jurvetson case we are specifically looking for someone who may have lived in the same building at the time. Before Reet was killed in November 1969, she lived in an apartment building at 5318 Melrose Ave next to the Paramount Lot. Reet lived on the third floor. The apartment building no longer exist. Please contact us with any information.


1. Do not name names publicly. Send everything to the police or to this page and we will forward to the police.
2. Do not post side by side photos.
3. Do not contact any family members.
4. Do not doxx each other and be civil. We all want to the same thing. 

As tips come in, Jensen and Holes will work to verify them. If they look good, we will publish them here to try and get us closer to their names.