Episode 51

Randy Kraft: A Killer with a Scorecard

May 25, 2020   Tags: , , , ,
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Serial killer Randy Kraft has 16 confirmed victims. But based on a list-which authorities dubbed his "scorecard," he may have as many as 61 victims or more. 

Kraft was actively killing from 1971 until his 1983 arrest. During that time he would often pick up hitchhiking men. Because of how he chose his victims, he is one of the serial killers that has been dubbed "The Freeway Killer." 

Randy Kraft's Arrest:
In May of 1983, two California Highway Patrol officers pulled over a suspected drunk driver. When the driver-Kraft-pulled over, he failed a sobriety check. As they arrested the driver, they searched the car. In the passenger seat was a man initially thought to have been passed out. When the officer checked on him, it quickly became clear the man was dead. The victim is later identified as 25-year-old Terry Lee Gambrel.

Investigators began to search Randy Kraft's car more thoroughly. Inside the car the seats were stained with blood. Law enforcement found tranquilizers, stimulants, a buck knife, shoelaces, and a leather belt. Under the passenger side seat was an envelope-inside it were over 50 photographs of men in various states of undress and consciousness. 

Law enforcement then searched the trunk. A briefcase is located. Inside the briefcase is a business notebook. On a piece of paper in the notebook is a list written in Randy Kraft's handwriting. The list contains 61 cryptic phrases. 

The phrases are written in block lettering on a ruled notebook sheet. Phrases like "PIER 2." “DIABETIC." "TEEN TRUCKER." "PARKING LOT." "2 IN 1 HITCH." “2 IN 1 BEACH.”HIKE OUT LB BOOTS" MC HB TATTOO”
Finding Kraft's Victims:

Law enforcement begins to search for Kraft's victims-using the photographs and his scorecard. Here are the victims that have been confirmed or linked to Kraft:

-William Joseph Dukette, listed as "STABLE"

-Edward Daniel Moore, listed as "EDM"

-Wilmington John Doe, listed as "WILMINGTON"
-John Doe in Huntington Beach, listed as "AIRPLANE HILL"
-Vincent Cruz Mestas, listed as "VINCE M"
-Ronnie Wiebe, "7TH STREET"
-John Doe found at Alameda and Ford, listed as "HAWTH OFF HEAD"

-James Dale Reeves, listed as "TWIGGIE"
-Thomas Paxton Lee, listed as "PIER 2"
-Malcom Little, listed as "TEEN TRUCKER"
-Roger Dickerson, listed as "MC LAGUNA"
-Gary Cordova, listed as "BIG SUR"
-Oral Stuart, listed as "Iowa"

-Mark Howard Hall, listed as "NEW YEAR'S EVE"

-John William Leras, listed as "SKATES"
-Keith Crotwell, listed as "PARKING LOT"
-Craig Jonaites, listed as "GOLDEN SAILS"

-Scott Michael Hughes, listed as "EUCLID"
-Richard Allen Keith, listed as "MARINE CARSON"
-Roland Young, listed as "JAIL OUT"
-Richard Crosby, listed as "TORRANCE"
-Keith Klingbiel, listed as "HIKE OUT LB BOOTS"
-Michael Inderbeiten, listed as "DART 405"

-Gregory Jolley, listed as "LAKES MC"
-John Doe No. 299, listed as "76"
-Jeffrey Sayre, listed as "WESTMINSTER DATE"
-Donnie Crisel, listed as "MARINE DRUNK OVERNIGHT SHORTS"

-Mark Alan Marsh, listed as "MARINE HEAD BP"
-Robert Loggins, listed as "MC HB TATTOO"
-John Doe in Woodburn, OR listed as "PORTLAND ECK"
-Michael Shawn O'Fallon, listed as "PORTLAND DENVER"

-Christopher Williams, listed as "HOLLYWOOD BUS"
-Michael Cluck, listed as "PORTLAND BLOOD"

-Robert Avila, listed as "DEODORANT"
-Raymond Davis, listed as "DOG"
-Lance Taggs, listed as "PORTLAND HAWAII"
-Anthony Silveira, listed as "PORTLAND RESERVE"
-Brian Witcher, listed as "PORTLAND HEAD"
-Dennis Alt and Christopher Schoenborn, listed as "GR 2"
-Mikeal Laine, listed as "SD DOPE"

-Geoffrey Nelson and Rodger DeVaul, listed as "2 IN 1 BEACH"

Entries Not Yet Linked:





“2 IN 1 MV TO PL.” 

“L.B. MARINA – 1ST ST.” 




“2 IN 1 HITCH.”









The list above is what we want the Murder Squad to focus on this week. Randy Kraft preyed on vulnerable young men. He would drug them, assault them and strangle them. He would emasculate them-sometimes removing their genitals. Kraft would also burn some with cigarettes and bite some. He traveled for work, having known victims in Alabama, California, Michigan and Oregon. 

Also on the list of victims above are the John Doe's discussed on this week's episode. If you have any leads, please contact us.   


1. Do not name names publicly. Send everything to the police or to this page and we will forward to the police. 
2. Do not post side by side photos. 
3. Do not contact any family members. 
4. Do not doxx each other and be civil. We all want the same thing. 

As tips come in, Jensen and Holes will work to verify them. If they look good, we will publish them here to try and get us closer to their names.