Episode 21

Owl’s Head Park Man and the Girl with the Serpent Tattoo

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Owl's Head Park Man Case: 
35-year-old Jennifer Cohen was last seen alive on surveillance camera at 2:45 AM on September 29, 2016. In the video she was with an unknown man on Second Avenue.

Just after 9 AM, Jennifer's body was discovered in Owl's Head State Park in Bayridge, New York. Her body was found on a half-pipe ramp inside the park, beaten. Despite the continued efforts from her family and the NYPD, her case remains unsolved.

Below is the video.

The Girl with the Serpent Tattoo:
37-year-old Justin Dunn was seen on surveillance camera on July 9th, 2017 around 9:40 PM talking to a woman with what appears to be a serpent tattoo. On July 10th, Justin's body was discovered on the 11000 block of North 30th Street in Tampa, Florida. 

Tampa Police Department are continuing to look for any information about Justin's murder. Below is the video:

Karena McClerkin:

20-year-old Karena McClerkin was last seen in Kokomo, Indiana, on 1000 block of South Washington Street on October 11, 2016. She left behind her wallet and ID. Her family believes she went to Florida to find a rehab clinic and may now be dead.

Karena has brown or red hair and brown eyes. Her ears are pierced. She wears prescription eyeglasses. At the time she disappeared she had two tattoos. On her upper right arm she has "RIP" and angel wings. She also has round symbol on the inside of her right forearm.

Any information can be reported to the Kokomo Police Department at 765-456-7326. 
Karena's Tattoos:

This week we are looking for any information on any of these three cases. Please pay close attention to the videos and share them widely. If you have any information, please contact us or the authorities.


1. Do not name names publicly. Send everything to the police or to this page and we will forward to the police.
2. Do not post side by side photos.
3. Do not contact any family members.
4. Do not doxx each other and be civil. We all want to the same thing. 

As tips come in, Jensen and Holes will work to verify them. If they look good, we will publish them here to try and get us closer to their names.

If you would like more information on the "Girl with the Serpent Tattoo," please check out Billy's book Chase Darkness With Me.