Episode 40

Answers, Part Two: Big Tips on the Manson Family’s Possible Other Murders

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Marina Habe:
After our Manson Family episode dropped in July, we received a tip from a listener who was friends with a person on the Spahn Ranch with the Manson Family. The listener put us in touch with the person we refer to as "Colonel Scott."

Colonel Scott overheard at the ranch that Tex Watson and Bruce Davis were the people who picked Marina up from her home in December 1968. According to Colonel Scott, Marina had agreed to come to the ranch but during the drive there changed her mind. After that she was killed by Watson and/or Davis.

Marina's body was discovered down a ravine off of Mullholland Drive. Colonel Scott said that he knew exactly what happened when news of the discovery was reported.
Colonel Scott also gave The Murder Squad information on another murder. On November 5th, 1969, several Manson Family members were at a home on Venice Beach. According to reports, Cathy Gillies, Bruce Davis, Sue Bartell, Little Patty and John "Zero" Haught were playing Russian roulette and Zero lost. 

But Colonel Scott was told by one of the family members there this account is false. He names one of the other family members present as the killer.

Jesse Matthew:
After our two episodes on the crimes and possible crimes of Jesse Matthew in Virginia, we received a detailed email with a more comprehensive timeline of his movements. This timeline covers from January 2003 until his arrest in September 2014. 
Updated Timeline:

January-October 2003-Jesse Matthew attended Christopher Newport University. During the summer months he may have spent time at his mother's in Charlottesville, VA because dorms were closed at CNU.

October 2003-June 2004-He lived with his mother in Charlottesville. At the time he was working the night shift at the local Walmart.

June 2004-September 2004-Matthew lived in College Park, Maryland, with a friend. He would visit the Newport News area on some weekends.

September 2004-September 2005-He moved to Gaithersburg, Maryland, with the same friend. At the time he was working at a Walmart in Germantown, at a bowling alley and a warehouse. Matthew continued to occasionally spend weekends in Newport News.

September 2005-January 2006-Matthew lived with a friend who was in school at CNU in Hampton, VA.

January 2006-September 2014-Jesse Matthew returned to Charlottesville. During this time, he continued to visit Newport News. According to this source he also traveled. The source couldn't give specific dates, but said he visited these places: Rancho Cucamonga, California; Philadelphia; New York City; Charlestown, West Virginia.

Cassandra Morton: 
Cassandra went missing the week before Morgan Harrington on October 10th, 2009. Her remains were found on November 30th on Candler's Mountain Road at Camp Hydaway in Lynchburg, Virginia. The property was owned by the first school Jesse Matthew attended—Liberty University.

There isn't much known or covered about Cassandra's disappearance. One of our Squaderinos actually dug into the case before our episode. She was able to track down a source who said Cassandra entered a cab right before she disappeared. At the time of Cassandra's disappearance, Jesse Matthew drove a cab.

There is still no direct evidence to link Jesse Matthew to Cassandra's murder. But if anyone as any information about her case, please contact us.

Olivia Lone Bear: 
On our Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women episode back in September we discussed the unsolved death investigation of Olivia Lone Bear.

Olivia disappeared from her home in New Town, North Dakota, on October 25, 2017. Her remains were recovered inside her truck in July 2018. At the time of our episode not many details were known about the case.

In November 2019, federal authorities released new details in the case. Olivia's body was recovered strapped into the passenger seat of her truck. Her remains had been submerged for so long that the medical examiner couldn't find any “definitive traumatic, natural or toxicological causes for her death.” 

US Attorney for North Dakota Drew Wrigley was quoted by the Grand Forks Herald saying, “We’re at a potentially critical point in the investigation…anyone with information out there, maybe they thought that it wasn’t important before or maybe they had been reluctant to come forward until now, and I would say to them that now is the time.” 

Murder Squad, thank you so much for all the tips that have come in over the past year. We are still looking for information on the above cases. Next season we will have more updates--please stay tuned. But if you have any additional information on these cases, please contact us.


1. Do not name names publicly. Send everything to the police or to this page and we will forward to the police.
2. Do not post side by side photos.
3. Do not contact any family members.
4. Do not doxx each other and be civil. We all want to the same thing. 

As tips come in, Jensen and Holes will work to verify them. If they look good, we will publish them here to try and get us closer to their names.