Episode 13

Alissa Turney Missing

June 24, 2019   Tags: , , ,
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17-year old Alissa Turney went missing on May 17, 2001. Her case has many twists and turns but very few answers. 

Alissa Turney

The Day Alissa Disappeared-May 21, 2001:

-Alissa went to her last day of her junior year at Paradise Valley High School. It was an early dismissal day.

-According to her stepfather, he picked her up early between 10:30-11 AM to take her to lunch.

-Alissa and her stepfather Michael Turney argued over how much freedom Alissa should have as a 17-year-old.

-After the argument Michael took Alissa home to calm down. Michael left the house and wasn't seen until he picked up his younger daughter Sarah from a friend's house.

-When Michael picked Sarah up, he asked her to call Alissa because he hadn't been able to reach her. Sarah was unable to as well.

-Michael and Sarah arrived home with no sign of Alissa. Inside her room, her backpack had been dumped. She had left her phone, makeup, keys and hairbrush. Sarah also found a note saying that Alissa had gone to California.

-Michael reported Alissa missing to police that night. He told them Alissa had gone to stay with an aunt in California.

The Search for Alissa:

Alissa was originally thought to be a runaway. Not much was done to search for her at first. Then in 2006, a self-proclaimed serial killer Thomas Albert Hymer claimed to have killed Alissa. Attention was finally brought to her case, but Hymer's confession was quickly ruled false.

The investigation led law enforcement down a different path. They began to take a closer look at Alissa's stepfather. In 2008, they searched the Turney home. According to Sarah, authorities told her that her father had killed her sister and was molesting her sister. It took time for Sarah to process this information but eventually she believed what the police had told her.

During the search of the Turney home, law enforcement found 28 pipe bombs, 19 high caliber assault rifles, two homemade silencers and a van filled with gasoline and other flammable items. Michael Turney also had a knife, two guns and 7 magazines on his person. Through their search they found many videos of Alissa throughout the year. Michael Turney recorded Alissa through a vent to her room. He also had a recording device set up on the phone.

Authorities also found a manifesto in the Turney home. Michael Turney wrote "Diary of a Madman Martyr," in which he claims the union he used to belong to killed Alissa for revenge. In the manifesto, Turney had an elaborate plan to commit a mass shooting inside the union hall.

Michael Turney went to prison for 10 years for the explosives and weapons. He was released in August 2017. Currently no charges have been filed against Turney in relation to Alissa's disappearance.


This week's assignment is to make some noise. Alissa's sister Sarah needs all of our support in seeking justice for Alissa. The first way to help is by signing the petition asking for the case to be presented to the district attorney's office. The second way to make noise is to actually call the Maricopa County Attorney's office asking them to prosecute. Their number is 602-506-3411.

Lastly, share all of the photos of Alissa. Even though authorities think they know what happened, Alissa is still missing. If you have any information about the day she disappeared, please contact us.


1. Do not name names publicly. Send everything to the police or to this page and we will forward to the police.
2. Do not contact any family members.
3. Do not doxx each other and be civil. We all want to the same thing. 

As tips come in, Jensen and Holes will work to verify them. If they look good, we will publish them here to try and get us closer to their names.