DNA Uploading

How to Upload Your DNA

March 29, 2021   Tags: ,
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We are asked all the time how to upload your DNA. Here is a step by step process.

Step by Step:
We are going to use 23andMe as an example, but you can also use other sites like Ancestry. 

Ask for a kit from 23andMe. Once it arrives:

--You spit in a tube and send it back to 23andme. You create a user account. 
--When you get the email with your results, Log into your profile. 
--Under your name in the upper right hand corner of the page, hit the drop down. 
--In that menu, you will see a link to “Browse Raw data.” 
--Click on that, it will take you to a page where you can scroll down, read the terms. Then click ok and request for the data to be emailed to you. 
--Then you get an email with an attachment--drag that onto your desktop. 

Now it’s time to go to Gedmatch
--At Gedmatch, there’s a link on the right rail (right side of the page), about halfway down, called Upload your DNA files. Click on that link.
—It will take you to a page. Fill out the information--make sure you click "opt in," so your data can be used to find the bad guys. 
--Then at the bottom, click "choose file," find the file with your raw data, that was just emailed to you by 23andme, and hit upload.

That's it. You're done.