DNA Uploading

How to Upload Your DNA

March 29, 2021   Tags: ,
We are asked all the time how to upload your DNA. Here is a step by step process. Step by Step: We are going to use 23andMe as an example, but you can also use other sites like Ancestry. Ask for a kit from...


Episode 83

Who Killed Nikki and Adrienne?

March 29, 2021   Tags: , ,
After we covered the Taco Bell Strangler--Henry Louis Wallace--last season, listeners alerted us to the unsolved murder of Helene "Nikki" Anderson and her four-year-old daughter Adrienne. Nikki and her daughter were killed on...


Episode 82

Finding the Kansas College Rapist

March 22, 2021   Tags: , ,
In October 2000, a predator began preying on college students at Kansas State University and the University of Kansas. It would take over eight years and thirteen attacks between Manhattan and Lawrence before authorities would...


Episode 81

Who Killed Peter Becci?

March 15, 2021   Tags: ,
In the season three premiere of Jensen and Holes: The Murder Squad, Billy and Paul are joined by a detective seeking help on an unsolved murder. In February 1987, Peter Becci was killed while his wife and kids were out to...